So you want to see my new almost but not quite house? Here are a bunch of shots. Notice that I care a lot more about the cool trees and stuff than the actual house itself. Call me wacky that way.

View of the backyard

Some shots from windows in the house.

There is a "babbling brook" that borders the property. Ravenna Ave traffic drowned it out.

Oh ok, some interior shots. Most of these didn't come out well cause I didn't put on the flash. These are the ones that did.
Look! A Hall!

This is the downstairs living room with the backup fireplace.

For those who were wondering what a Three Quarters Bath is.

Not too bad, huh? Here have another yard shot before going. Enjoy!

New photos on 5/9

Here's a shot of the whole house for the people who wanted to see that.

This is the upstairs living room and here is the kitchen.

Check out that old oven; I kind of like it.