Holly Gauss (decendant of the mathematican) was shopping one day, looking at the beverage section. All of the fruit drink choices used the same old fruits. Being very concerned with social justice, she became upset. If people made losers and winners even when it came to fruit, how could they ever transcend thinking of people this way. If her ancestor could revolutionize the world of Mathematics, Holly figured she could change the world of fruit beverages.

The result is the drink that we have come to love as iMbibe. Fruits once shunned to the bottom of the feeding chain are now allowed to shine as never before. How could anyone not want to consume the glory of the Pineapple Raisin Rutabaga Sparkler? Liberating fruits like we would like to liberate ourselves, iMbibe truly is a refreshing alternative beverage. Pick some up today. Do it for Holly Gauss, do it for yourself, do it for the liberation of all mankind.