Ok, how you do this is simple. Make a web page somewhere that looks like this:


etc etc.

In other words, type in the shows that you have seen, using the "br" tag to separate the lines. My page is at Once you've uploaded the page somewhere, type in the URL in the line below. SCI Stats will use that seed file of set lists to generate your stats. This way you don't have to select all of the shows you have seen every time.

New features:

If you want to compute the Not Played list and the 50% club starting with your first year of seeing Phish, instead of their whole career, include a line saying "First Year"

Tired of the old 50% club? Type in a line saying "club-40" and you'll have the 40% club. Change that number to anything between 1 and 99. Tired of just seeing the top 10 songs that you haven't seen? Put in a line saying "notplayed-20" and it will display the top 20 songs you haven't seen. Put in any number there from 1 to 99.

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