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All setlists from via the Mockingbird Foundation. This site couldn't work without the many hours of setlist verification they have done.

Ok, here is (as far as I know) the first real attempt to provide a comprehensive statistical analysis of Phish's history. Before we get into the fun stuff, there are a few notes that aren't completely without any merit whatsoever.

You also is a Phish Stats FaceBook page. After each show, a post will be made with information about the last three times each version has been played. On off days, information about the history of Phish on that day will be posted. Read the page.

This work is copyright 1997-2022 David "ZZYZX" Steinberg. This may be freely reproduced as long as this statement remains and it is not sold.

Now in the words of Christie Searing on the way to the 2/16/91 Marquee show, "Here we go!"

Note: The term "Phishtistics" came from Tara Ellicott.
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