(1) When possible I used the Helping Friendly Book from Phish's gopher site. I will be switching over to the Project Mockingbird setlists sometime in 2001.

(2) When I knew better (on a tour, at a show, etc) I felt free to edit the set lists.

(3) This is a resource to document actual songs. Since teases, HYHU Jams, goofy interludes, etc. are not mentioned consistently, I ignored them. I do occasionally break this rule when I decide that something is a "real song." YMMV

(4) If you're looking for a song and can't find it, try checking under the The's. The prime example here is that Landlady is called The Landlady. I learned early on not to change the titles given in the HPB. :)

(5) During a tour, this will be updated at least weekly (I hope) :)

(6) Encore and set opener/closer information starts in 1989 due to a lack of accurate information before that year.

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