I think everyone has a friend whose very presence makes even mundane activities seem exciting. Someone who you could spend the day walking around and call it one of the best days in your life. For me, that person is J. Elizabeth Smith. She was in Seattle for a few days,
Elizabeth in my messy apartment
putting up with my mess, and I was going to be forced to have fun.

While I had to work Friday, Saturday- after I got over a brief scare about my financial situation (hint: New York is expensive)- I had off. And what better place to go to kill some time than Fremont.

For those of you who have never been to Seattle, Fremont is home to the famous
us on the troll... we're there.  
Trust me!
troll, the Lenin statue, the Center of the Universe, and all sorts of silly stuff. And while bits of it, if you look at it right, could look like

they are part of a real city, Fremont is the happiest place in the world. Why? Two words- Archie Mcphee

Ah yes, Archie McPhee, where the 'Zilla's run free and the touching
j'eliz with gourd hat
girl meets gourd stories can be acted out. However, while we were able to have a punching nun fight there, we did have another quest. I was informed that Tickle Me Cookie Monster is the cutest thing in the world.

There's a really scary part of Seattle. You won't get knifed there or shot at, but you will be terrified. Planet Hollywood, Gameworks, the Levi's Store and (won't you take me to) Nike Town, all in the same block. However, none of those were our destination. We were going to FAO Schwartz to be Welcomed to their world, welcomed to their world, welcomed to their world of toys.

Well there was a Tickle Me Elmo and a Tickle Me Big Bird, but no Tickle Me Cookie Monster. I would go without hearing "Me like tickle!" Still there was plenty to play with there, even if the walk on piano didn't work well, and much time was killed.

Enough time in fact to make us realise that we needed food. So there we were, in the Yuppie part of Seattle with only a bag of jelly belly's. On a whim I suggested the Westlake Center food court, hoping that there would be a pizza place or something vegetarian there. I was in for quite a shock.

If you think of a food court, what comes to mind? Burger King? Taco Bell? Maybe a Sbarro's? Well there was a Sbarro's there, but that was the only chain there. They had a pasta place, they had a middle eastern place, they had a Thai place, they had an Indian place. You could get garlic nan and samosas at a food court. There were actually too many options.

Now that we were no longer in danger of eating my car, we spent the rest of the night at Wizards of the Coast. What happens if you're a geek and you've just made millions of dollars selling a card game? Well if you're WotC, you spend that money making your dream arcade. A little known fact about the place is that they have boardgames that they let you use for free. So we first played the new "improved" game of life. It was a lot more complicated than the old version, and not as much fun. Oh and I lost, but I'm not bitter. After that was a marathon of Jenga.

We all have a friend whose very presence makes even mundane activities seem exciting. Sure we didn't do anything earth shattering per se, but as long as you're groovy, what else matters? Me at my grooviest

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