SPANDEX's Return

(part the sixteenth)

"How can I be depressed when bean burritos are only $0.69 at Taco Bell?"- excerpt from the famed Collected Letters of ZZYZX.

While I was being swept along the 74th Annual Senior Class Lemming March, I tried to take some time to wonder how I got in this situation. I was doing a good job tracing back being on this death march as far back as second grade. I then began to wonder if this meant that history was predetermined or if I was just reasoning cause from effect. While my conscious mind was mulling over this quandry, the rest of my brain was trying to figure out a way to survive, a way to get an answer to this dilemma. It suddenly occurred to me- the ZZYZXraft. When I was at the SPHINX's tollbooth, he gave me this floatation device in addition to the map. As I didn't see the relevance to that in the plot, I didn't bother mentioning it then. (By the way, for those of you wondering why it is called the ZZYZXraft and not the SPHINXraft, he suggested the name. I figured that if he was nice enough to give me a raft, I should let him name it.)

The march was almost at the river itself. I pulled the miniscule inflatable boat out of my vest pocket. There, of course, is a problem with using an inflatable boat- it must be inflated. I had a sudden image of me treading water, desparately trying to inflate this thing. However SPANDEX does provide; GRIF-HO! The person in front of me was carrying a hand pump. I borrowed it from her and started the inflationary process. By the time we were at the banks. I had a usable raft. I quickly returned the pump and jumped aboard.

My original plan was to wait until the lemmings finished their processional. Then then, I figured, I could use the ZZYZXpaddles to get to shore. However, when I was planning this, a passing UFO came by and used its tractor beam on me. I soon felt myself being swept into the spaceship.


This story is copyright 1997 by David Steinberg and may be distributed freely as long as this cute little note is attached.

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