The World Wide Web has a lot going for it. Where else can people write whatever they want and leave it for anyone else to see? However, there is one problem with this vision. Most people have nothing to say.

Finding anything of interest on the Web can be a painstaking task. Pages that purport to be about your topic of interest turn to be a collection of links to other pages... most of which are also pages of links. Other people seem to think that a really cool background image or font selection will make trite insights sound interesting.

My page has no interest in doing any of that. You will discover few cool layout tricks from IHOZ. While I will try to make the pages look good, improvements in layout will take a back seat to improvements in content; I'm tired of the idea of a World Wide Web as a continuing seminar for graphics designers and desktop publishers. I'd much rather have a Web for interesting ideas and in depth exploration of interests. While these pages will have a specialized audience, if you share one of my obsessions you should find things here to interest you. Enjoy.

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