So who is this ZZYZX guy anyway?

Wouldn't you like to know? Seriously, David "ZZYZX" Steinberg, who was once a microserf (o.k. o.k. a microtemp) then an employee for Seanet, a Seattle internet service provider, is once again one of Bill's Boys. All of this is possible because he just escaped from New Mexico State's graduate math program.

Even though the ZZYZX.gif has amazing powers, you can visit the ZZYZX Photo Gallery to see radicial interpetations on the "Pictures of ZZYZX" theme that ran rampant through the art world in the late 19th Century.

For the curious, ZZYZX tested as an ENTP on the Meyers-Briggs system


ZZYZX is the name of a road off of I-15 in California between Barstow and the Nevada state line. Upon seeing the name on a trip he took when he was in high school, ZZYZX decided to take the name for himself. He since has learned many scary things about ZZYZX Rd; the most frightening occured in 1994 when he was given the book Captain ZZYZX by Michael Petracca. Many elements of his life are paralleled in this book. The coolest occurs on page 199 where the words ZZYZX and SPANDEX occur within 2 lines of each other.

Where does this ZZYZX dude live?

ZZYZX used to live in Las Cruces, NM. Las Cruces is mainly tolerable for its warm sunny climate and low cost of living. He has since moved to Seattle, a place that has neither of those attributes, but is blessed with plenty of things to do, including seeing his beloved Seattle Mariners .

ZZYZX frequently calls his hometown Skeattle as a play on words on Skeedaddle. No one seems to appreciate this, but all artists are misunderstood in their time.

Does ZZYZX do any writing?

Why yes! He has written a 23 part story entitled SPANDEX's Return . The entire story is now online. He also has had reviews printed in DeadBase 90 , DeadBase 92 , DeadBase 93, and Deadbase X and is a columnist for Jambands

Why does Christie Searing want to marry a lobsterman?

Other than the "Why ZZYZX?" question, ZZYZX is most frequently asked about the Christie Searing quote in his signature file . Christie Searing is someone he met during his undergraduate studies at Bard College. She wrote the preface to his senior project. In addition to wanting to marry a lobsterman, she also has theories that they sell canned baby seal in Canada and that Noah's Ark was made of fiberglass. Alas, only one of those theories is true.

Is there anyway I can meet this ZZYZX entity online?

Why yes. He frequently is on IRC on the dal net, the q net, and the undernet. His favourite channel is #genx and his nickname, oddly enough, is ZZYZX.

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