Hi. This is David Steinberg, but you might know me as ZZYZX. Many of you wonder how I manage to deliver the high quality Phish Stats that I do.

What's my secret? When I'm feeling blue, I reach for a refreshing iMbibe. iMbibe comes in many flavours, from Crabapple, to Tomato-Banana , to my own personal favourite- Pumpkin-Kumquat iMbibe. Why don't you try some today? It may not cause you to know every time Tweezer was played, but when you're this refreshed, who needs anything else?

iMbibe- a refreshing alternative beverage

Play iMbibe and Win for a chance to win a free case of your favourite iMbibe flavours.

No purchase necessary. See store for complete details. Game ends 9/19/97 or when supplies are exhausted. Contest winners are responsible for taxes on their prizes. Canadians must pass a skill test to claim their prize. Void where prohibited.

When in Yellowspork, be sure to check out The iMbibe Museum!
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