Last post on Fri Feb 19 20:09:56 PST 1999

Alex Smith Sun Mar 3 20:20:42 PST 1996

Just passin through. If you wanna trade, or just correspond w/a deadhead, drop me a line

Tom Selegue Wed Mar 6 14:04:22 PST 1996

Hey ZZYZX, you "very strange, raving egomaniac" (quoted from _net music_, by some guy named Maloff) you. I've come to fuel your narcissism!

By the way, I was on your page for 13:34:52, and I guess it can officially be called a "http://www.sea /zzyzx -> I am Hydrogen ->"

See you on the road.


Matt McCloskey Sat Mar 9 21:56:08 PST 1996're a nutball...teach me to be more like you...please

Rey Sat Mar 9 22:11:36 PST 1996

First time visit to seanet ... I'll be back in the near future. Live Long and Prosper !!!

L.W. Kramer Mon Mar 11 22:00:43 PST 1996

Thanks - Loved the interstate info; I-10 is my personal favorite. I guess you understand that - frightening thought. Another frightening thought: No one I know will ever pass this way....

CatPhish adsf Wed Mar 13 20:06:55 PST 1996

howdy its nice to know that their are other people who enjoy phish as much as i do. If you have set 2 portland oregon oct. 5 95 fuck i don't have email well shit see you at the west coast shows

Ellis D. & Rungo Wed Mar 20 12:39:12 PST 1996

"Buttered bread always seems to land butter side down, and, well, a cat always lands with it's feet on the ground, so what would happen if you took the piece of buttered bread and STAPLED IT TO THE BACK OF THE CAT?!?!" -T he Fabulous Hedgehogs

Gina Wed Mar 20 18:28:26 PST 1996

I think I am lost... hello out there?? Any b o d y there? Hey! It's spooky in here.... is there an echo, I could swear I hear an e c h o e c h o e c h o.....

Richard Steusloff Fri Mar 22 20:01:19 PST 1996

Wacky advice? Don't have any. I entered ZZYZX, and here I am. There is a road by the name of ZZYZX, in the Eastern Mojave desert. Between Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, off of Interstate 15. What does ZZYZX have to do with the International House of Pancackes?

Kelly Ahern Sun Mar 24 15:13:52 PST 1996

You came from the Land of the Lizards, Otherwise known as Las Cruces. And I am still from and in the Land of Phish and Mooses!! I haven't seen you since Port Chester 4/91. I know your brain is full of #'s but is there any memory of me :):):)

Rob Dross Sun Mar 24 17:14:42 PST 1996

My E-mail address didn't fit above! If you want to E-mail me, just add a "u" to the address above. PPPPP H H IIIII SSSSS H H 4:20 P P H H I S H H 4:20 P P H H I S H H 4:20 P P H H I S H H 4:20 PPPPP HHHHHH I SSSS HHHHHH 4:20 P H H I S H H 4:20 P H H I S H H P H H I S H H 4:20 P H H IIIII SSSSS H H 4:20

ZZYZX Mon Mar 25 12:13:21 PST 1996

Yeah Kelly, I remember ya (or at least I think I do :-) )... but your email address doesn't work :(

Xine Marie... really. Tue Mar 26 01:42:50 PST 1996

I came here on the advice of Katie... you are all on intimate relations with her, i know... I'm looking for a fish, on her advising. Tell me if you see one...

Xine Marie The fourth Finger-Nun.

Charles Gamble Wed Mar 27 08:05:38 PST 1996

Cool page, it's kinda phishy.

Adam Warnke Wed Mar 27 17:23:17 PST 1996

I took great joy in finding a home page for the only person in the world whose voice I'd never heard, whose face I'd never seen (seek asd I might at every show I've attended) and whose works have never been hard-copy published, but whose name I'll nev er forget. Thanks for the "Tela is not a Spy," it changed the way I looked at phish's work, and I'd lost my copy. -"boffo, a good one."

Mary Beth Kaufman Sun Mar 31 15:59:26 PST 1996

I am dumbfounded. I nearly forgot you even existed. I first met you years ago at John M. Greene Hall. You went on and on about "The Mango Song". I think you even had a real mango in your hand. The last time I saw you was somewhere in Tucso n. We were waiting in line for Dead tix at some Mall.I remember you were first in line. I know I ran into you from time to time. I don't know how, but I blindly stumbled onto this page. Some strange force must have guided me here. I am now marri ed to Scott (he also remembers you) and we have a 5 month old daughter.

Nice to run into you again. Mary Beth

chickenboy dedzed231@aol Tue Apr 2 22:28:40 PST 1996

we all must make the pilgrimage to Highgate to see the soon to be added 700,000 chicken chicken farm.I'll gladly lead the way. The distraught Big Dewey monster will finally be vanquished.

kind KindBudz-420-@MSN.COM Tue Apr 9 20:07:39 PDT 1996


"IT'S 4:19 IN A MINTUTE I'LL BE.................


Tony Cheatham Fri Apr 12 10:02:05 PDT 1996

ahhh yeahh pheelin' phuncky phellow phish heads

Tony Cheatham Fri Apr 12 10:02:54 PDT 1996

ahhh yeahh pheelin' phuncky phellow phish heads

Anatole Daniloff Sat Apr 13 03:40:21 PDT 1996

First titeme here. Great! Will come again and see what's new.

Good-bye Ladies & Gentlemen.

PANCO PANCO@MSN.COM Sat Apr 13 14:40:25 PDT 1996


the sun has just come out . . . got to go!

Karen Hocking Tue Apr 16 15:22:22 PDT 1996

I think your page is a good 'un. I think it would be cool if I got credit for the photo on the front too, though (that IHOZ thing :) But I really like the Hocking link. It made me giggle to the extreme. It would also be cool if you linked to me , especially seeing as I'm updating my pages for the next couple of weeks and they should be finished with data then.

Richie Kennedy Sun Apr 21 10:54:37 PDT 1996

Nice Page:

As a note, I-35 leaves the Kansas Turnpike (Toll Road) at Emporia, KS. I-335 is the designation for the Turnpike from Emporia to Topeka, where it becomes I-470, then I-70 to KC The turnpike numbering is by milepost starting at the OK border until 1 mile or so west of I-435, where the numbering system goes to I-70's (I-435 is exit 411).

Scot Brock Mon Apr 22 16:20:33 PDT 1996

hmmmm...on a recent road trip... at the tax payers expence, thru the waste lands of Nevada my side kick "the DOC" and I decided to pull over on an old road outside of LOST VEGAS to play a little music. Now we were pretty happy fellas leaving the town of Vegas with a pocketfull-o-money and decided to pull over to celebrate and play a few tunes on the guitar. We didn't pull over on any road but a very special road called "ZZYZX" road. The tunes were sweet and the sunset beautiful and the cheap guitar we bought in Mexico didn't have a name...but now it was obvious to us what we would call this is officially now and for ever will be the "ZZYZX road guitar"...anyhoot...years later the DOCs girlfriend busted up that black c rap Mexican guitar that we only paid a few bucks for...but I'll never forget that time on ZZYZX road playin the ZZYZX road guitar.

Cookin with gas Scooter

TJ Johnson Tue Apr 23 10:08:26 PDT 1996

Hi Dave. Like your page and have recommended it to all, well some, of my friends. Hope you enjoy your summer WORKING while I'm sitting back relaxing. TJ

Christopher B. Dye Wed Apr 24 00:30:08 PDT 1996


Well, I finally did it! I broke down and signed in on the guestbook! I love the place! I wanna be a regular customer! Please?

Oh, and don't forget to take the occasional stop-in at Chris's Low-Mai ntenance Webpage!



Katie Sehorn Fri Apr 26 14:37:19 PDT 1996

Ah, yes, Captain ZZYZX, proof that opposites can attract.

- Katie, the ISFJ

Anthony Mon Apr 29 08:02:09 PDT 1996

What is dis all about ahdfaadlkfalkjf

David Brunton Wed May 1 08:34:39 PDT 1996

Stop wasting your time and go back to IHOZ where you belong. (heart)?! Peace, Y'all.

Khufu (Cheops) Wed May 1 22:10:09 PDT 1996

I came. I saw. I was bewildered.

plug nickel Thu May 2 17:44:30 PDT 1996

hahahahahap.phrunthahahahahahahahaha go home dirty rainbows go home yashuas keep phish lot kleen

Cecily Fogarty Thu May 2 18:46:00 PDT 1996

hi all you sheepish people!!!

Cecily Fogarty Thu May 2 19:49:01 PDT 1996

hi all you sheepish people!!!

WALES WANDERER Mon May 6 20:41:53 PDT 1996

okay, here's the situation; i'll be in wales for a year's vacation; i want to see a couple of shows; would Trey mind? ummm? well, of course not! hopefully by same strange chance: i'll see you guys! wail-man!

WALES WANDERER Mon May 6 20:42:36 PDT 1996

okay, here's the situation; i'll be in wales for a year's vacation; i want to see a couple of shows; would Trey mind? ummm? well, of course not! hopefully by same strange chance: i'll see you guys! wail-man!

Kevin Tue May 7 18:09:57 PDT 1996

What would the world be like without heavy metal music?

Ryan Bollettino Thu May 9 21:44:11 PDT 1996

GOOKIE, GOOKIE, HYMEN 4 GURTZEL!!! HOPE to see every true phish phan at Red Rocks, Deer Creek, and Alpine Valley.

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes,


Jennifer (princess) Verdon Tue May 14 15:29:23 PDT 1996

He wrote the fuc*ing book, OK! 10-14-96 I'll be there both nights of the Clifford Ball Platsburgh, NY show--look 4 me--sell me grilled cheese--give me my honey brown--don't let me frown---I need to glide, and I will be in our station phishowagon w/ ty e-dyes up in the windows--and our mut named raul-i have red hair---then the man ran far far away until the antelope hit him with the school desk and he said no you can't come with me it's far to dangerous for you have webbed toes and the man undersood and left him alone and the antelope went on his ques to find a toad with feces of pearls...but he couldn't find it so he ran up the great mountain and asked the buddah like figure what to do and he said go inculcate young children with the notion that you ar e the all great and powerfull oz, but you will never know the rest cause i'm running out of room! e-mail me!

John Stone Mon May 20 07:21:29 PDT 1996

Cool shit!!

Peace, John

kevin schrader Mon May 20 13:30:15 PDT 1996

What the, this isn't the star trek page, why can't these people spell right? must be the bass masters on the short bus page.

Kevin Schrader Mon May 20 13:37:48 PDT 1996

please get them off of me........................... ......................................much better!

amanda hodder Fri May 24 20:02:34 PDT 1996

chookie, once again you've excelled yourself...sheesh..


Kelly T.Conlon Sat May 25 12:15:22 PDT 1996

I see no evidence of egomania whatsoever.


cheesebraIn Sun May 26 20:29:24 PDT 1996

Zzyzx-I saw it too! Family vacation to California. I used the name Zzyzx in a story I wrote about a road. I saw your name and freaked out. Thought you would like to know. bye.

Andy "skilz" Milz Mon May 27 12:15:08 PDT 1996

the house of zzyzx almost made me flunk out of school... It's GREAT,thank you for all of this totally worthless, time consuming phish knowledge.

Chris Newhouse Fri May 31 17:42:29 PDT 1996

This place is unlike any other the likes of which i have never seen. One must smoke bud, drink beer and listen to phish to understand.

later, Chris

Arend Abel/Clint Addington aabel@inetdirect Sat Jun 1 18:00:12 PDT 1996

Hi, ZZ. My friend Clint and I actually *used* your interstate page (basically to prove Mapquest's, Tripquest(TM) directions are less useful than a standard atlas.

David Backlin Wed Jun 19 21:20:58 PDT 1996

Re I-49: Yes, it _is_ an Intra-state Interstate... for now.

I-49 is the proposed designation for the "new & improved" U.S. 71 North of Shreveport, through Western Arkansas and up to Kansas City, MO.

The question is, of course, will it ever be completed?

By the way, as of March 1996, I-49 connects with I-20. Now, if they would only finish the Alexandria "bypass" and put in some rest areas....

David Brunton Tue Jun 25 15:33:25 PDT 1996

Go back home you silly boy. You don't belong here. Blink and die, internet scum!!

Farky Farkass Tue Jun 25 16:23:43 PDT 1996

You cute logo got me in the mood for freakin pancakes, but I think you're puttin me on! There ain't no pancake house in ZZYZX, CA, a real place, where a real guy apparently played a mexican guitar. Must be a good place to play yisself a tune, but it's a lousy place to run out of gas. (The old sourdough who dreamed up the name for that place [originally intended to be a spa-resort hotel - but failed] picked the zzyzx name so it would be the last entry in the phone book. Next trip, stop in Baker and che ck the phone book. It is last.

Benjamin Strogatz Wed Jun 26 22:54:43 PDT 1996


Stephen V. Sassi Mon Jul 1 11:35:41 PDT 1996

Keep moving down the road. Whenever I travel with someone it seems that we just get out and they want to go home. Like the road advice you give. I just discovered the Flying J in Richfield, Utah (you say they are all over the country). Wher e in the Northeast, I've never seen them? I usualy travel alone unless it's with a road freak as crazy as myself. See you at the Flying J.

Heather Parker dont email me! Sun Jul 7 12:16:14 PDT 1996

I want to start a Phish tape collection. I will buy copies of your tapes. WRITE to me at Heather Parker 635 Lowell St. Lynnfield, MA 01940

William F. Yurasko Wed Jul 10 07:49:26 PDT 1996

You have much to much time on your hands. I like your page, it helped me do a speech on the interstate system, that i used a borrowed I-80 sign as visual aid. Thanks IHOZ

Bill Clinton Tue Jul 16 15:01:54 PDT 1996

My Mother always told me life was like a box of chocolates.

Heather Dawn Wed Jul 17 15:32:31 PDT 1996

Hey zzyzx just thought I would stop by your page, since you and my sweetie share the same nick! kewl:)

H.B. Elkins Fri Jul 19 08:58:36 PDT 1996

I came for the Interstates page, and really liked it.

One dumb question, though...

What does ZZYZX mean or stand for? Enlighten the ignorant among us, please!!!

Karre Jeanne Sat Jul 20 17:45:15 PDT 1996

thanks, you put alot of work into it. hope you had help. I given up trying to impress people especially nameless ones just wanted to let you know I really appreciate it,the phish stats,the peter himmelman concert review, though somewhat unconv etional, I mean its great you could apreciate spontanity after your request was denied even with a crowd not my "type" I'd still be humiliated. thanks

Twilight Eyes Tue Jul 23 23:04:46 PDT 1996

Hey ZZ. Your page suc^H^H^H is great! ;) *mwah*

Drew (the penis) Sat Jul 27 20:14:59 PDT 1996

Hey, Z-

I really think that in yer I-70 page you should mention the 200yard gap with a traffic light that exists in the highway in Breezewood PA, just to force everyone to pass every fast food restaurant and chain hotel known to mankind.

Drew (the "who is more bored: the one who writes about highways or the one who reads the thing?" penis)

Heather Wed Jul 31 11:46:59 PDT 1996

...and silence contagious in moments like these consumed me and strengthened my will to appease the passion that sparked me one terrible night and shocked and persuaded my soul to ignite...

Michael Gouker Thu Aug 1 22:11:46 PDT 1996

It's getting bumpy. Very very bumpy. Hold on now. Two hands, ok? No hands!!!! No! Time for adventure. Adventure time. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. One. Two. Three. ******** Very Bumpy ******** Zolt!!! Zee-haw! Zam! Zam! Zam!

We now r eturn you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Chris Lehmann Mon Aug 5 22:04:14 PDT 1996

ZZ -

A fun and interesting page... I remember the Rabbi ZZ photo well. You never even mention that it's my hat and coat.

Your essay on Jerry rang true. We lost one of the great ones that day.

Thanks, Chris

The Lost but Found ECgirl Thu Aug 15 08:38:53 PDT 1996

Hi ZZ!!

What's new? Stilll like your gotta love a place that only serves DR. PEPPER! (Two Dr. Peppers for me is like drinking a beer....:)

Trying to get on promises, but hopefully soon...

Much love, happiness, and extre me wierdness... Gina (aka) ECgirl

Trevor Norris Fri Aug 23 23:48:12 PDT 1996

Just Glidin' through. Thought I'd check you guys out.Thanks for providing a forum. Even if I am too lazy to use it properly.

Justin Ross Tue Aug 27 13:03:20 PDT 1996

Drop me a line and maybe we could talk some Phish or even trade some tapes if you'd be interested.

seth d Wed Aug 28 10:58:22 PDT 1996

Hey! Guess what! There's a ZZYZX road in my home town too. If your up for a road trip, then check out Carrollton, GA off of I-20. I don't know if you'll find the road on a map, but look up the phone number for the dog pound in C'ton and you'll f ind it. Like in life,you just have to look for the signs. *******************The Cosmos Surfer**********************

susie and mommy Thu Aug 29 14:48:21 PDT 1996

having a nice time in northampton...mommy liked ihoz...

Feye Not gonna say. 'Nuff said. Mon Sep 2 11:44:37 PDT 1996

Okay, I'm signing this guestbook before I've looked at this page. That was pretty stupid. But phish is cool.

Seth Berman Sun Sep 15 14:35:23 PDT 1996

Thanks. For so long now I've been looking for a Phish stats, similar to the Deadbase section. I haven't checked yours out completely yet-but good work.

Later- Seth

Steve Anderson Sun Sep 15 16:07:16 PDT 1996

I thought that I was the only "road geek" out there!!! Anyway, here's some info on the proposed "I-99" (a.k.a. the Bud Shuster Highway). I read some net pages from the Federal Highway Administration on the Intermodal Surface Transportation Act of 1991, and one page gives the location of "Corridor 9", which corresponds to the route of I-99. This roads follows US 220 from its intersection with the PA Turnpike to Williamsport, then follows the route of US 15 to Corning, NY.

I have a better i dea for I-99. This one follows US 13 (and part of DE Route 1) through the Delmarva peninsula and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, beginning in Wilmington, DE and ending in Norfolk, VA. What do you think?

Anyway, I have more ideas on Interstates, plus some history on East Coast Interstates. (Did you know that I-78 was supposed to go through New York City? And did you know that there was supposed to be an I-92 through northern New England? Did you know that I-91 was supposed to cross Long Isla nd Sound from New Haven, CT to Long Island?) I also have some info on the Quebec Autoroute system, which has a numbering system similar to that of the Interstates... and their signs look almost alike!!!

Once again, the Interstate page was a great experience.


Scott Oglesby Tue Sep 17 07:55:22 PDT 1996

Excellent Interstates page! I had planned to do one but instead will point people to yours. I thought I was the only road geek out there, but it turns out I'm not even the only one saying this.

S440, the National Highway something something act , the same bill that funds that execrable piece of Altoona pork called I-99, mentions the I-73 corridor, which seems to go from Ohio through hill country into the Carolinas. Also I-74 (one of your favorites) will stretch eastward. What is it with the Appalachia/Allegheny corridor? America's future seems to be in other regions, yet they're planning new interstates.

Here's a neat trick that can give you serious vertigo: Take I-95 north over the Thames river in southeastern Connecticut. Coming off the bridge into Groton, you can take a left exit onto CT 184 east, which veers left to inland points, while 95 north stays closer to shore. That's right, north is ahead, while east is to your left.

More info on 238: I thought the "I-" just a persis tent typo, until I moved out here and drove it on a trip to Berkeley. It really is *interstate* 238. The problem with x80: until 1989, I-480 was saved for the Embarcadero freeway in San Francisco (they're recently torn it down, which frees up that nu mber); and a while ago, I-180 was the designation for the section of I-580 (formerly CA 17) from Richmond to San Rafael (and San Quentin). My idea for 238: break the rules another way and call the thing I-1080.


Sherri Thu Sep 19 20:10:36 PDT 1996

I have an URL for Cowboy Junkies....""

Michael Loft Sat Sep 21 21:25:51 PDT 1996

keep on, keepin on

Rev. Scott Tue Sep 24 21:25:24 PDT 1996

"Fast and boulbous!" "Thats right!" the maskera snake, "Fast and boulbous. Also, a tin teardrop." "Boulbous also tapered." "Thats right!"

Stacy McElroy Wed Sep 25 16:08:06 PDT 1996

Hello from Austin, TX. Your page is very cool. I can't believe I wasted so much time reading phish stats. Great waste of time....

Jonathan Schlenger Thu Oct 3 09:27:11 PDT 1996

I am starting a collection. I presently have 25 phish bootlegs. ANYBODY, Please send me your tapelist And i will buy tapes of good quality of shows. tapes should be maxell II hi bias.

Kelly Fri Oct 4 20:21:41 PDT 1996

Hola! This is Kelly from VT. I'm missing the days of yore Dave though times are still high and happy. Come out to visit and see some of the spontaneous shows that sometimes occur in the green mtns. Lots o' fun! Here's hopin your memory is servi ng ya;) Later.

Stuart stu n Mon Oct 7 17:27:11 PDT 1996

This road geek loves the interstate list. I get tingly thinking of the possibility of a complete three digit list. OOO-WEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chester Thu Oct 10 08:41:02 PDT 1996

Yesterday I met Fishmans cousin. It was so strange because I knew him for over a decade and had never known they were related. well anyway he was more than generous and got me back stage passes for the west palm and Gainesville shows. Now I'm Pheeling Phine,oh by the way i'm looking for nashville 95 sohw as well as knoxville if you know who has any of these drop me a note. peace

chester Thu Oct 10 08:46:53 PDT 1996

I would like to thank Zed for the PHAT chillum I purchased from him at Jazzfest 1996. It has come in handy keep making those beautiful peaces. if anybody knows who i am talking about please tell him marc from jazzfest says hello and his chillum is in good hands

chester Thu Oct 10 08:54:02 PDT 1996

It's obvious i'm bored but i need to find some phishheads in south florida if there are any write back.





Ceri Morgan Tue Oct 15 09:20:30 PDT 1996

Thanks for the Phish personal stats page! I've been on the verge of figuring out my statistics by hand for a while now. Thanks for saving me. Oh, and i've seen 1 song that you haven't... Letter to Jimmy Page :-) You've still seen Bouncin' 46 ti mes more than me though, so i've got a bit of catching up to do...

Mike Conathan Tue Oct 15 14:36:18 PDT 1996

I knew I couldn't be the only Zzyzx Road afficionado out there, so I followed you from Rosemary's Digest to your swanky home-page. Mmmmmmm pancakes. I have a lovely photograph of me and several close friends gathered under the big green ZZYZX just b efore the exit from I-10. Definitely worth a stop on the dreary ride to Vegas. Nice guestbook, but I can't stay long, I'm off to buy BILLY BREATHES!! Yeeeeee-Ha! Adios, my (sometimes) vowel-less friend.

Jaclyn Elford Mon Oct 21 10:17:43 PDT 1996

If anybody knows anything about Phish coming to Ontario could you please please please let me know. Thanks. Oh yea by the way, cool page!

David Brunton Thu Oct 24 11:18:54 PDT 1996

I like the new color scheme, you bad motherfucker. Oops. Are there children reading this? You cool person. There. That looks much better. I like the new colors. :)

Steve Anderson Fri Oct 25 16:11:45 PDT 1996

Last month, I actually drove by "Zzzyx Road" on I-15 when I was driving from LA to Vegas. Being that this was my first-ever trip to the West Coast, I must say that it was a seminal event in my life. Anyway, have you heard about the proposed extension from I-69 from Indianapolis to Laredo, Texas? It's being dubbed "the NAFTA highway", and it is supposed to be part of a "seamless" highway from eastern Canada to Mexico City. What are your thoughts on this? Two new interstate "spur" updates: a small sec tion of the I-215 loop around Las Vegas has been opened. Also, according to the 1997 Rand-McNally Atlas, the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (PA 9) has been re-designated as I-476. Now I-476 runs nearly 150 miles (someone please correct me on the mileage) from Chester, PA to Scranton, PA. I think this has to rank up there with one of the longest "spurs".

Jori Matison Mon Oct 28 10:41:08 PST 1996

I love Phish but I don't love guns. Guns do not belong at a show and I would appreciate some kind of explanation as to why there were COPS AT PENN STATE AND PITTSBURGH??? HELP I'M BEING SHOT WHILE BOUNCIN IS PLAYING!!! IS THIS A GOOD THING OR A BOAD THING?

Deacon Chapin Mon Oct 28 11:48:56 PST 1996

course i'm always looking for new tapes - if anyone needs to trade, drop me a line. also, i'm up for meeting any of you at a show - i'll make you a killer grilled cheese - best in the lot! laterz.

Matt "godhead" Pierson Wed Oct 30 21:46:17 PST 1996

This is a really cool page and since i just had game henge explained to me for the most part i feel really happy or enlightened or something but anyway, this is really cool and i intend to go to a show in Dec. in Conneticut. well that's all so i bid thee farewell and if you have some kind of a news letter that you cansend me please do because as i've said before this s really cool and probably the coolest page of phish that i've ever come across!!! well thanks Godhead * )

I O pppp h h i sssss h h p p h h i s h h pppp hhhh i sssss hhhh u u p h h i s h h u u p h h i sssss h h u u

xyqa Sat Nov 2 08:38:54 PST 1996

"this is the dog talkin' now, 'what is your conceptual continuity?'" fz nice work, btw...

smi Tue Nov 5 18:59:32 PST 1996


Great no.'s but i need more. How about an analysis of correlations between the playing of certain phish songs and climatic statistics. For ex- Is there a relationship between the increase in slow songs played and the rising sea levels around the world?(even after adjusting statistics to compensate for global warming)? bye(/|\)

Rob Schelp Tue Nov 5 22:50:57 PST 1996

Hey Its 4:19 got a minute? Is there any way you can get ahold of the set list for the concert on November 8 at the University of Illinois. E-mail me if you can.

Mike Wed Nov 6 08:07:23 PST 1996

they call me the sloth

Brad Sall Sat Nov 9 12:11:16 PST 1996

First time riding the web. Any traders out ther, drop me your list. pressa razor to a slide, crossa needle with a prune.

smi Tue Nov 12 18:18:15 PST 1996

Z- here's some: going to see phish @u of ill, 11.8, i traveled 263miles(roundtrip) in 4hours 13minutes, averaging 62.4mph while getting 13.4mpg:( -i also got to see them sing the Star Spangled Banner! bye(/|\)

paul dont have one Tue Nov 12 21:33:40 PST 1996

I dont know much about this computer stuff, but I need a ride for me and my girl from Chicago to Ames for the show. I have an EXTRA! I dont have an e-mail adress so if you can help call me at 7732744737. If you cant please pass on the message. thanx--the trick is to surrender to the phlow

Twi Wed Nov 13 10:45:49 PST 1996

Hey, ZZ, where's a good page to grab miles from one city to another?

loewy Thu Nov 14 08:18:16 PST 1996

looking for more people to party with in vegas on dec. 6. will be there with some buddies but the more the merrier. and being merry is what it is all about, isn't it? let me know if you will be in for the show.

T.J. McDermott Thu Nov 14 11:03:31 PST 1996

Really enjoyed your web site. Keep up the good work

Barnaby Finch Thu Nov 14 21:21:09 PST 1996

ZZYZX - a nice eco-retreat near Soda Lake, not far from Baker, California. An interesting history... not sure I remember it correctly from the blurb on the local plaque, but, evidently, the guy who started ZZYZX wanted to expand, and, in doing so, encroched on BLM land, and a tiff ensued. Amazingly enough, my lovely wife Bumples and I had a VERY romantic encounter on the ZZYZX road exit. Long live the beautiful Mojave!

Ben James Fri Nov 15 10:45:52 PST 1996

Just surfin' the phish net like always, found a place to sign in. If any one who reads this has seen a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado, please drop a line and tell if that is not the best you have ever seen! Have got my boss Mr.Ultra conservative l istening to Phish! Ha Ha!!!!!!!Late!!

Gordon Murphy Mon Nov 18 13:31:54 PST 1996

Awesome highway page! I never knew about I-99 or I-238! Two questions: Any interstates planned for Alaska ("A-1")? And whats the deal with US Highway 400 that runs through the Midwest (ie Wichita)? How did a US Highway get that number?

Kevin D. Foster Mon Nov 18 14:20:39 PST 1996

Great Stuff! You should update Phish stats more often. I saw 9 shows this tour. Lexington KY was killer!

ZZYZX Mon Nov 18 22:48:32 PST 1996

How can I update Phish Stats more than I do now. The tour stats are updated after each show (as is the database for every time played, personal stats, etc) and the raw stats are updated weekly....

ANGELA OLIVER N\A Tue Nov 19 13:32:37 PST 1996


GINGER STOERGER N/A Tue Nov 19 13:34:44 PST 1996


Jon Mintzer Sun Nov 24 14:07:50 PST 1996

Wow...I can't believe I've seen David Bowie more than any other song. Out of 29 shows, that's some luck. Hey traders: 450 assorted hours for your Bela/MMW/jazz tapes!

Danny G. intifdg@frontier.wilpaterson.e Tue Nov 26 14:19:05 PST 1996

WOW!!! I mean, WOW! If I didn't have so much work to do, I would have spent the next 87 days of my life just checking out the Phish stats! It's an incredible site, and an incredible sight. I, too, have a penchant for lists, tallies, percenta ges, and other assorted statistical what-nots. Thanks for making it so simple! --Danny G.

Paula Sat Nov 30 14:12:31 PST 1996

Loved the article that Tela wasn't a spy. My friends met Phish and asked Trey and Fishman if she was good or bad. They said, "deep down inside she was good."

josh pashman Sun Dec 1 15:41:13 PST 1996

Hey man, you did a great service to all of us... how do you find the time??? You need a life!!! (just kidding)

Jeff Jeffrey.A.Chace@Widener.EDU Tue Dec 3 17:14:20 PST 1996


John J. Wood Thu Dec 5 10:23:19 PST 1996

ZZYZX, I think you should be also given the name of...STATMAN!:-) Keep up the good work, bud, and C U on the NYE run...

andy ruggeri Thu Dec 5 17:15:43 PST 1996

unreal...thanks for filling in all the gaps...CLIFFORD BALL '97????????????????

Jay Israel Thu Dec 5 20:32:46 PST 1996

Zzyzxx. Hmmm. The name rings a bell. I remember traveling from L.A. to Las Vegas in the 70's and passing this exit in the desert called ZZyzxx Road. Nothing was there and probably there is still nothing there today.. But the name stuck because i t was so unusual. I always wondered how it gots it name. Probably the last possible listing alphabetically in all maps. Does anybody really know? ....Jay

C.C. Slater D2FRSLAT@FRE.FSU.UMD.EDU Fri Dec 6 08:02:18 PST 1996

Here's a rilly groovy add to your interstate hit list. The US 220 motorway from about 8 mi south of Bedford PA to somewhere north of Altoona has been renumbered Interstate Highway 99. This new Interstate has the distinction of not having a conne xion to any interstate. It does cross the PA turnpike(IH 70/76); but you have to go through a really ugly junction scheme to make the connexion. I'm assuming a link will be built north to IH 80. The Govenor of MD wants a link to IH 68.

Also-The re may be an IH 67 in the works. There's been no action on the Federal level yet, but local governments in MD, WV & PA want to designate the current US 219 as IH 67. (Maybe they'll clean up those crappy hard shoulders on the current motorway!)

Incidentally, according to maps in the 1976 issue of "American Highways" published by the FHWA, The Hawaiian Interstates count as numbers 1-3. I'm not sure where the "H" came from; but it's been part of the highway number since the first section of th e H1 was opened.

It makes sense if you think about it-being the south- western most state, Hawaii would be a candidate for the lowest numbers. However, the system rules are violated in that H1 and H3 run east to west, and H2 is a north south road .

C.C. Slater Fri Dec 6 09:57:13 PST 1996

I shoulda gone thru the whole thing before going on about IH 99. Oh, Well. I can explain some of the quirks noted in the lists.

IH180 in Cheyenne. Yes this is kosher, traffic lights and all. The original legal mumbo jumbo for the interstate sys tem specified controlled access, but not neccesarily elevated junctions. IH 180 makes the access control standard. There is a precedent for this. Most of the interstates in Texas have level junctions in their more sparsely populated sections.

IH90 in Montana. Another loophole allows for single-carriageway sections. A lot of sections of Montana's interstates started life that way; as did IH 17 north of AZ SH 79, IH 25 in southern NM(south of Soccoro), and IH 15 in Idaho.

IH97 in Maryland actu ally does connect to an interstate- IH695. The only reason why there is an IH97 is because IH68 was given to Western Maryland. IH 68 was originally supposed to run along the current US 50 motorway from DC to Annapolis(I got that from a DOD map-date un known...).

There is also a possible extension of IH 66 west of IH 81 in the works. Currently dubbed Corridor "H" it will follow the general route of US 33 from IH 81 to IH 79. It's pork city, as the road goes nowhere, and IH 64 more or less covers the same territory-though I hear that it's an ugly road with seriously nasty grades-Like IH 68 here in MD. We have 6 mile 6% grade going into Cumberland-and it's the place to be if you like the smell of truck brakes.

DTC Fri Dec 6 15:58:05 PST 1996

I got here via the Phish home page. I will be checking out the phish statistics and enjoyed looking over the interstate highway stuff. Did you know that the shortest interstate highway is I-579 (in Pittsburgh, PA, certainly less than a mile long ), a spur off of I-279, which is a spur off of I-79?

Todd T. Romoff Sat Dec 7 12:39:18 PST 1996

I couldn't believe when I found this web page! It was like hearing my own mind talk back at me. I have driven across the United States 25 times and have been in every state in the continental US.

I have many stories and anecdotes about the inte rstates. Here is a sample question: Don't you think that Interstates 75 and 85 should be numbered oppositely south of Atlanta? You have the strange situation where I-85 is west of I-75.

I would be happy to help contribute to this project.


benjy Mon Dec 9 06:49:39 PST 1996

I am looking for the three loving and beautiful women who helped make Vegas the greatest show of my life. You were with me in the very last row of the balcony. I gave you clemintines and dried cranberries. You were all from Arizona. Thank you for being a part of that show with me. IF you see this I would really love to hear from you. Hope the trip back to Arizona was safe and pleasant.


Marlo Gonyea Tue Dec 10 16:42:35 PST 1996

Just thought I'd say hello. I've only been to a few shows but I'm a native Vermonter and I love Phish. Marlo :)

charlie dirksen Wed Dec 11 16:56:55 PST 1996


Todd Arnold Wed Dec 11 21:05:04 PST 1996

I never heard of Phish, what, are they a band or something? :)

But I dig that IHOZ sign!

dave Fri Dec 13 23:01:04 PST 1996

roll the wide load to the lip

Richard Lancaster Sat Dec 14 13:41:05 PST 1996


JW Sun Dec 15 14:50:54 PST 1996

I,ve been a deadhead since 1985, saw my 1st Phish show Nov. 15th.......Woah Baby!!!!!

Dan Morookian Wed Dec 18 16:37:21 PST 1996

Hello. I have a Phish show called "RADIO DAZE" on 88.3 FM KUCR in Riverside, California (near L.A.). I'm on Wednesday nights from 11 to 1 am. the show is dedicated to Phish, but I do play other fun & trippy bands such as the Dead the Beatles, Fl oyd, etc. I was wondering if you could E-mail me more information about Phish-based Radio Shows around the States regarding locations, stations, times, etc. I read somewhere on the net that several Phish Shows already exist (about a dozen or so), b ut the closest one to California is in Chicago. I am familiar with more than 70 Dead shows and stations from the Dead Almanac; but Phish shows, like the one I am starting here at UC Riverside, I known of none closer than Chicago. Please respond wh en you have time. Thanx!

Dan Morookian

De FUNK Wed Dec 18 17:02:51 PST 1996

Maine is cold,but we have the phattest brew pubz in the world!!!!!!!Lets all rage down the fleet center.i also have over 1200 hours of D.A.T.'s to trade(phish,dead,etc...)

gamma Sun Dec 22 19:01:21 PST 1996

you want advice visit my page thats the only advice i give. oh and sign my guest bool while your at it. [Image removed]

Michael Sloan Wed Dec 25 14:16:32 PST 1996

Your site has some of the most extensive inPHo (inPhormation) on Phish I've ever seen. I was PHully and utterly impressed. I've been a Phishead for 2 years (I'm 16 - my B-Day's Dec. 29 - I'll be 16) , but I've never been to a concert. I'd like to go to the one in Plattsburgh in August. Can you tell me where I can inPHo about songs adn ticket inPHo. I'd really appreciate it.

Your site is PHAT!!!! I really enjoyed it. Phascinating stuff!!! Someone please E-Mail me back.

Stay in touch.< P>Keep up the phenomenal work and phun phacts.

Your Phriend, Michael Sloan

Seth Hollander Wed Dec 25 21:11:28 PST 1996

Quantum leap from the previous array. Good stories--good diction and sentence structure-- ideas and information expressed clearly and stylishly. Polished. Nice to see the new photos-- you look like you still!! I think you're winning this big game -- not conforming while profitting (if meagerly on the financial front). Not only that, but here you have both soapbox and, as this guestbook at the least implies, an adoring audience! As we are chained, sedentary beasts, you must drop by!

Continue to succeed in '97 (no more ex. pts.--they're not really my style...

Oh gee, Neil's Broken Arrow is playing and it's so much better than the previous two. Not phenomenal, alas


the jackleens Thu Dec 26 17:38:16 PST 1996

so zzyzx my leetle babooshka....where's the photo of---->The Timer? MMMMMMMmmmm and where's the maple syrup? And what about the photo of "the gathering" outside the OMNI at ween 96?

wooohooo beantown here we come!

those notorious jackleens < P>np Possum 4/20/94 (!!!)

Wordrow Sat Jan 4 21:33:45 PST 1997


Thanks for your website.

I like to use back roads whenever possible but I do prefer to use interstates to get through urban areas.

Can you or anyone else tell me which is the shortest palindromic interstate? I've guessed that bot h I-535 (around Spartanburg SC) and I-585 (around Superior WI and Duluth MN) measure exactly 3.4 miles each (by eyeballing the latest AAA maps as best I could), but I'm hoping someone who reads this will have better info or technique for answering this ve ry important question. Perhaps actual on-site measurements by odometer or tape measure are really what's needed to resolve this.

Also have you noticed the 3 miles of twilight zone on I-44 in OK City owing to confusion of its mileage markers with those of I-35 on the stretch called the Northeast Expressway? It may reduce your mileage total for I-44. I'm not sure.

Best wishes.

Sincerely, Wordrow

Joe Goldberg Sun Jan 5 12:32:04 PST 1997


I haven't seen your page in a year or so, so I figured it was time to take another look. Really like it. Keep up the good work!

Joe G

Chicolet Thu Jan 16 17:56:35 PST 1997

ZZYZX, Phunkadelic man talk about the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon! Here I am reading through your guestbook and I run in to my boss and freind's entry with two different e-mail addresses wich niether are correct if you would like to get in touch wit h Kelly Ahern you can drop me a line. Kelly dosen't have an address right now but when she does get one you will be the first to know. Later! shane

Eric Gatsik Fri Jan 17 05:52:19 PST 1997

Just a lonely head at school with no one to trade with. Drop me a list, and i'll do the same for you.

shepherd Tue Jan 21 22:03:02 PST 1997

I am looking for a text version of gamehendge. I was told that you could tell me where I might be able to find one that was not edited for shortness or something, in other words a complete uncut version I guess you would say. Thanks for your hel p.

Carsoni Wed Jan 22 14:03:45 PST 1997

Fife dog and tape boy looking for antelope in gamehendge. Newbie trader looking for tapes.

Bokonon Sat Jan 25 20:11:57 PST 1997

Hey ZZYZX - what did one phish say to the other phish?

ZZYZX Sat Jan 25 20:54:00 PST 1997

I believe the answer to that is "I can't help thinking it's Tuesday" :-)

beagle barnett beagle/ Mon Jan 27 17:06:57 PST 1997

i just want to say high to austin and bailey in deercreek, isn't this a cool site. please send me some more of that bubble gum. aarroooooo!

JUSTIN HALE aka "K" somewere in Maine Wed Jan 29 07:21:05 PST 1997

Whatz up with people calling themselves "Phish headz?" We're kidz not heads, young family still learning about love on the lot and I swear there are two many schwilly agro kidz on the lot for anybody to be callin themselves a "head" whatz up Chr is, Ultra and Jams rage on L8s

Melissa Mitsdarfer Thu Jan 30 10:49:35 PST 1997

Hey all you Phish fans write me and lets talk.

Tim Smith Fri Jan 31 07:32:19 PST 1997

Here is where I ended up. Why not there or anywhere else? Is there a way out? Can existence be contained within this space we call music? Of course, but not without a band we love so very much. See you all on the Dark Side of The Moon. BTW, I heard that the boys will play that album Halloween '97. Pretty neat ay? Best regards.

Reuben Phillips Wed Feb 5 09:48:45 PST 1997

I heard there was going to be a small northeast spring tour. Someone write me and tell me if that's true.

kimberly kauffman i currently do not have one, t Fri Feb 14 22:26:33 PST 1997

the trick was to surrender to the phlow first visit, feel like swimming? happy valentines day

Reb420 Tue Feb 18 15:57:11 PST 1997


ellen buckley Wed Feb 19 10:15:02 PST 1997

"inspiration, move me brightly light the song with sense and color hold away despair...."

Jay Blanchard Wed Feb 19 20:35:38 PST 1997

Nice page! Suggestion: I think you should have tapecovers constantly on here for phans like me who can't stand the XL II covers! just a thought. Keep up the good work.

Brian Gallegos Thu Feb 20 14:36:06 PST 1997

I'm sitin back here........sharin' in the groove

Pete REMUS Fri Feb 21 23:48:58 PST 1997

A true friend and compadre turned me on to Phish! For now I'll just sit right back and soak it up. But i'm sure i will stir!

Pete REMUS Fri Feb 21 23:56:35 PST 1997

A true friend and compadre turned me on to Phish! For now I'll just sit right back and soak it up. But i'm sure i will stir!

Poster Nutbag Wed Feb 26 12:11:30 PST 1997

might as well might as well might as well might as well never had such a good time in my life before

Brian Rauber I like it Thu Feb 27 16:09:18 PST 1997

It's pretty cool

Michael G. Koerner Fri Feb 28 22:56:48 PST 1997

I LOVE your I-Highway page!!!

Couple of notes, I-72 is proposed to extend westward from its current end at I-172 in Illinois roughly along US-36 from Hannibal, MO to I-35 at Cameron, MO. Could a further extension to St. Joseph (and beyond) be in t he offing???

I-74 in Illinois and Indiana is an AMAZINGLY busy route. It apparently serves long distance northwestern USA/western Canada to southeast and east coast traffic (as a 'bypass of Chicagoland). In my opinion, the ULTIMATE in usless intersta tes is I-180 in northcentral Illinois. It runs about 12 miles (19km) south from I-80, across the Illinois River to a steel mill in Hennepin, IL.

If and when I-49 is ever extended north to the Kansas City metro area, will it or I-29 be renumbered to pro vide for a single route number over this corridor???

I-highways in ALASKA??? Where would they go??? I'd LOVE to see maps of this!!!

Any possibility of extending I-35 northeastward to the Canadian border at Grand Portage??

I can think of a lot more similar questions, but they area for another time.

Fr. O'blivion Mon Mar 3 02:04:37 PST 1997 St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast--where I stole the mar-juh-reen. As she abused the sausage pattie An' said why don't you treat me mean? **Now officially on record as lobbying for Apostrophe(') for Halloween 1997!!!** So, get on your feet & do The Funky Alfonso, people! (It is so very stupendous, living in this tube...) Vaya con huevos, y'all.

phil nazzaro Mon Mar 3 19:44:52 PST 1997

hey dave,

remember me from mark's party after the fleet center this new years? twas great meeting you...and now your web page. a work of extreme devotion. keep up the good work!

laters... phil (who loves the smell of napalm in the morning)

Robert Brooks Thu Mar 6 12:13:07 PST 1997

Oh, what a headache! I used to know all the cities at the intersections of the interstates by heart, but since I had kids I hadn't been able to fulfill my craving... until now! Gotta run, I've got to check out I-49. By the way, what will they do if they extend I-44 from Wichita Falls to Dallas -- doubling back on itself like a giant loop from St. Louis to Dallas via Wichita Falls. Will they finally have to admit that it's a north-south highway from OKC to WFalls?

Steve Agostinelli sorry, hawaii's public lib sys Thu Mar 6 15:52:02 PST 1997

aloha, can't wait to get back to the mainland, where Phish is appreciated. thanks for the fix!

Don Sat Mar 15 19:32:55 PST 1997

ZZ... it's been a while. Stumbled into your your little abode and have to say hey. Love what you've done with the place, dawling... hope to meet you again some day.... ta ta...

Reverend Jough Approximately Wed Mar 19 14:00:28 PST 1997

This site reminds me of a trip I once took to Washington DC. I had a trip with my chorus class and we sang with Dianne Warwick on George Bush's front lawn. On the way back we stopped at the Big Train Station (Penn station?) and I went into a computer store and played Zork on a PC. I typed the standard magick word in the old UNIX adventure game, xyzzy, and it told me "A hollow voice says, 'Cretin!'" and I laughed histerically and haven't stopped since. I just thought you should know. -- Reverend Jough Approximately, Utilitarian Dada Church.

Nish Fri Mar 21 06:36:32 PST 1997

Hey bra. Sweet page. What does ZZYZX mean anyway? Ol wells... shaka to ya maddda fradda.

Steve Anderson Fri Mar 21 21:53:01 PST 1997

On the interstate page, I'd like to see more links to other interstate pages. For starters, here are two recommended sites: "" has an entire list and history of 3-digit interstates, while "" has i n-depth coverage of selected Northeast interstate highways.

Michael Mason Fri Mar 28 11:00:32 PST 1997

Full on props to one helluva funny poster(rhymes w/poser:>) on rmp. you have earned a semi-honor by making my Bookmarks. first time here, didn't look for FAQ, but watz zzyzx mean? you know you'll be last in anyalphabetical list. . .

Oscar Voss Sun Mar 30 19:01:47 PST 1997

Love "Gimme an I" -- I'm a road geek too. And also am semi- obsessed with that Zzyzx Rd. exit on I-15. Does your car have a personalized ZZYZX plate (and if so, which state)? I had thought of asking for one on the car I just registered in Virg inia -- but now that I know you're out there, I'll bag that idea, to avoid stepping on your Zzyzx celebrity.

heidicat Mon Mar 31 14:38:26 PST 1997

told u I would check out your site!!!!!

William F. Yurasko Wed Apr 2 10:34:00 PST 1997

For all those who wish to hail his henious, Bud Shuster, you now have a chance. The Anti Bud Shuster/Interstate 99 home page is up. Contributions are encouraged, especially from PRO I-99 supporters (if such a thing exists). Also, see the I-495, I -476, and I-895 home pages.

Another thing, I-78 ends at (NJ 139 on NJ maps, but not posted) 12th Street in Jersey City. It just misses US 1 & 9. And another thing, I-24 needs to be changed. Why not la bel the Western Kentucky Parkway from I-65, as something like I-56 and then have it take over I-24 to I-57.



Kamio, Goddess of Uh Fri Apr 4 06:02:50 PST 1997

go see some stuff at but aside from that self-indulgence, I really should add that I enjoyed your writing a great deal, and the theme is pithy and enjoyable. I mean pithy in a Good Way, of course.

Glen Clarke and Niall O'Neill Fri Apr 4 13:23:14 PST 1997

Greetings y'all, We're two little leprachauns from Dublin,Ireland. Just writing to say hey !How are ye?We haven't got a clue how to use this thing so we just stumbled across your page. Slān from Ireland, aifčiseach, Niall agus Glen .

Sarah Sat Apr 5 15:17:31 PST 1997

Hey Dave, great page should add some elvis costello and black 47 stuff...

JonnyX Mon Apr 7 15:25:25 PDT 1997

Thanks for the Interstate pages, they're great. I always stop for a pilgrimage at Zzyzx Road on my way to Vegas (I'm in San Diego). I'm also formerly from Seattle, so I love hearing about your NorthWest adventures. thanx again!

Dave ZATAOMM Thu Apr 10 06:57:27 PDT 1997

Please Continue to promote "Surrender to The Air"... It's really appreciated.. (Michael Ray Told me to tell you) And NO, as one scarey rumor told, Trey Anastasio has NOT left the group...

ASimpson Sun Apr 13 19:45:27 PDT 1997

Just stopping by to say hello. Looking forward to George, WA 8/2-8/3. Hope to see everyone there.

ASimpson Sun Apr 13 19:45:41 PDT 1997

Just stopping by to say hello. Looking forward to George, WA 8/2-8/3. Hope to see everyone there.

Caroline Sun Apr 13 20:38:18 PDT 1997

phish is the best thing that has evr happened to me. their music and philosphy has totally changed my life!

celeste Wed Apr 16 15:38:36 PDT 1997

i dont understand the purpose of this page...

Andy Levoir dunno Wed Apr 23 10:08:50 PDT 1997

the purple gorilla sits on the rooftop awaiting the blueberry queen. the shirt i wear is just a piece of clothing.

Clare Michelin Thu Apr 24 10:39:05 PDT 1997

I luv the stats ! Dank !!!!

Phisherman Wed Apr 30 11:44:18 PDT 1997

I didn't tell my e mail address to the government and I aint telling you freaks. You people need to wake up and get a life . My God I like music but not this much. What a bunch of losers. :)

Jill M. Sheehan Tue May 13 13:58:44 PDT 1997

Saw a post at Usenet saying you thought Mathnet rules or rocks, or something to the effect. I just thought I'd tell you I have a Mathnet Web site for you to relive the memories, or whatever, of this awesome show. The URL is: 'http://www.saturn.holow'. Hey, we have the same ISP, I noticed! I have a cheesy Web page through Seanet too, but it sucks, so I won't tell you where it is. BTW, your site is great! Take care, and 'May the Math be with You!' -Jill ;@ )

William F. Yurasko (TCFWG) Wed May 14 21:20:17 PDT 1997

Another addition to the TCFWG Beltway, the what to do with "I-95 page."" Regular beltway is at /beltway.htm

Preston Sat May 31 19:09:43 PDT 1997

Great site, Loved the road trip info. Going on long trip... stop and visit

Gladys votaw Tue Jun 3 08:53:19 PDT 1997

loved your web sightand I will be back

Michael Donegan Thu Jun 5 18:01:40 PDT 1997

The first time I saw this sign was in 1972. I got out of my car and walked back a quarter mile in the 110 temperature to take a picture of it.

Glad to know I'm not the only weird-o on the planet.


homerr Wed Jun 11 23:13:22 PDT 1997

Not interested in your page.. Tell Mischa I liked one of her photos. Her guest book dosen't work.

Brian Cowell Mon Jun 30 14:44:40 PDT 1997

hey, great page! just thought I would let you know the information about I-69 and I-94 being mis-numbered at their intersection in Marshall, MI is not correct. I-69 is north/south bound when it meets I-94. I think I-94 is correct also, but don't qu ote me. I live in Indiana and will be heading up that way soon. I will sign again with the correct info. great site! keep up the good work!

OzRedHed Tue Jul 1 00:50:41 PDT 1997

I read it and quite liked it, although I have never heard of them! But that doesn't matter, i learned quite a bit about you to. Speak to you another time

Seth Anderson Mon Jul 7 13:56:07 PDT 1997

Just what was so great about SLICED bread, anyway???????

Seth Anderson Mon Jul 7 13:56:23 PDT 1997

Just what was so great about SLICED bread, anyway???????

Yachenfwaif Grizzle Tue Jul 8 19:49:20 PDT 1997

I have one tape with the original version of Cavern. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?! Does anyone else have that tape from Oberlin 90 or 91? If you know of other copies of the version I'm referring to, please lemme (Kilmeister) kno w.

sinbad Fri Jul 11 08:02:54 PDT 1997

Jezuz, I`m lost ! Advise : Don`t drink beer while surfing.

Zach Bigalke Fri Jul 11 22:45:36 PDT 1997

hey now ZZYZX!

this is one of the GREATEST "mebbe even THE greatest" page i've ever seen...

the road info was the best, though...I used to live in Wisconsin, & we have family back there, so I know the I-90 & I-80 routes to WI & IL all to well from wyoming...btw, the fastest that I have ever made it from WI->WY on I-90 is 19 hours, straight thru...just to let you know :-)

peace, zach bigalke (jerry's Ghost)

Kim Harvey Tue Jul 15 19:27:25 PDT 1997

I really enjoyed your interstates page. I have been on some of the craziest routes in the system. I-25 in Denver is painted brown, very unique since most are green, but wait til you go to St. Louis. I-255 is brown in Illinois. One good thing you w on't see: they're not exactly alike (just look at sign trusses and you'll find out why). I-70 in Illinois is 161 miles long, not 156. 70 is based on miles of 270 from 55/70/270 junction eastward and the exit numbers will tell you why. On 255 southboun d just north of 55/70, check out the typo IDOT made on an exit sign for 55/70 westbound--its been there since July 26, 1988--day 255 opened to 270. Also, if going on 255N from 55/70NE or 255S from 55/70SW, you will experience England driving. Very soon, I will have my "270" page on line. I'll tell the URL as soon it becomes ready. (It only talks about Madison County, IL right now.)

Steve Anderson Tue Jul 15 20:15:19 PDT 1997

For all you "road heads" out there, check out my new web site on the New York City-Long Island expressway and parkway system!

pjk Tue Jul 22 07:47:33 PDT 1997

This page rips. How bout a set list from the virginia beach show? I've scoured all the fan sites and haven't seen it posted yet. Who will be the first?

BRIAN GREGAN Fri Jul 25 21:43:00 PDT 1997

I live outside of KING OF PRUSHIA, PA. one day a phriend told me of a road......Wilson road, the end of this road lay a cemetary which has the famous mocking bird and the HELPING FRIENDLY BOOK as well as some other suprises!!!! see for your self

lardo Wed Jul 30 09:09:52 PDT 1997

Interstate page great enjoyed it greatley.I agree with you about interstates they are the only way to travel.Once made it from Austin TX to Conyers GA in 17 hours straight,its a long story.

Jeb Johnston Fri Aug 1 10:01:28 PDT 1997

just droppin in to post a message and ask a favor of some kind soul who just happens to see this. i've been working and going to school akk summer while i wastch all the passers thru make their way on the road. well i have some time off and if an yone has any information leading to the apprehension of a few tickets either to the deer creek or darian lake shows i would love you forever (platonic, of course). i'm in nashville for the time being and to see a show would make my summer. if you c an help just write me back. hope to see everyone there.

Jeb Johnston Fri Aug 1 10:02:11 PDT 1997

just droppin in to post a message and ask a favor of some kind soul who just happens to see this. i've been working and going to school akk summer while i wastch all the passers thru make their way on the road. well i have some time off and if an yone has any information leading to the apprehension of a few tickets either to the deer creek or darian lake shows i would love you forever (platonic, of course). i'm in nashville for the time being and to see a show would make my summer. if you c an help just write me back. hope to see everyone there.

Harv Sat Aug 2 07:10:53 PDT 1997

I'll give you the URL to my "270" page--"" My main page has a guestbook as well, which you can view your thoughts on Bud (the infamous congressman) and other topics.

Harvey Buchbinder Thu Aug 7 16:39:38 PDT 1997

As Casey Stengel once said about the Mets: AMAZING,AMAZING,AMAZING. yOU HAVE

DONE A REMARKABLE SERVICE FOR THE PHISH FAMILY - EVEN BETTER THAN PHISH FOOD!! One question though: how do I update my personal phish stats or do I have to re-enter all the shows I've seen each time?

matt Sat Aug 9 02:41:37 PDT 1997

ummmm, this is cool i guess. write me for more dumbfounding commentaries on life

Tristan Wand Sat Aug 16 22:25:28 PDT 1997

Hey there: everyone who passes through. Summer's over and I'm a student; see you on the road next year. If you want to trade or just talk Phish you know how to reach me.

Hank Mon Aug 18 11:41:27 PDT 1997

What kind of band is Phish?? Aren't they supposed to be like the Grateful Dead?? One time saw a Grateful Dead special on public television their music seemed to be a bit too sleepy for me. I don't have your taste in music but ever since Iwas nin e Iwas aroad geek. I memorized all of the highways in America especially interstates.I live in New Jersey and hope to see the day when the garden state parkway is interstatus. Atlantic City expressway should be I-76. SR55 I-176 I orrignally thought I- 76 was named after the declaration of Independence because it goes through Philadelphia and 1776. 99 and 238 are real disasters wasn't 705 in Washington once I-75. I used to think they gave up on 287 I thought it was like 39 76 and 84. Another One of my interests is music unfortunately I am not A Dead/ Phish head. Don't laugh at this I listen to the Beatles I don't care for the early years.I like Magical Mystery Tour and the "White Album". I know you Deadheads hate the Beatles just like Rolling Stones fans and BeachBoys fans. I'm not a fan I just slightly take interest in the music. Many people hate the Beatles they think the music is stupid and repetious childish pureile retardted as for me I don't care. Some people like the Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead beause they stayed together for so long.Who do you think is worse the Beatles or Bud? Bud is bad.I'm only 16 what do I know? What is your opinion? Is New Jersey a shitty state?I guess some questions are never to be answered. Can you wear tie dyed clothes and not be a Dead/Phish head? Are you over 40? Under 30? I used to be obsessed with Iowa one time I was visiting my vegan Uncle who practices martial arts and lives near boulder colorado. Ever been to Boulder? See Pearl Stre et? One time I was at Pearl Street I once saw a phone lighted on fire. I've been to many places the closest I ever got to ZZYZX was las vegas. I've been to I-70 over the rockies MOST EXPENSIVE HIGHWWAY EVER BUILT. I went to Yellowstone on US16,14,20 , Dinosaur National Park on US 40 I saw the Corn Castle in Gillette South Dakota, Niagra falls Burlington Vermont I saw Wall Drug On I-90. Badlands Park I been to Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore. Rocky Mountain National Park, Boston. I saw "Ranch Exits" O hio turnpike, Indiana toll road I-80 NY17=future86 Isaw where they make Corning Ware, Corning NY avery cool place nice musem.I saw the Selburne Museum on US7. I saw Denver Colorado, I saw Colorado Springs.The Interstate Highways are full of bumps and potholes why don't they fix existingroads before building new ones. Ever see Andrew Feilds proposed highways THAT's CRAZY. I don't want to see I-99 through corning I think it should be 83 and from williamsport to wolfs burg 183. 73 and 74 are ridicul us ideas they want to build aroad paralelling parelling the Westvirginia tpke and I64 they already have 64 and77 do they need 73 and 74 paralelling it those are out of place numbers. The grid should be strictly enforced.And not let Bud screw with it w ith 99 and the Altoid, aren't Altoids candies? Screw 99, Screw 999 who needs em'. 99 would be good for the parkway or 97 the Parkway is 176 miles long. 99 is 58 miles 97is 30 miles long.the garden state parkway is 3 time the size of 99 and 6 times the size of 97.

Tomboy Sun Aug 24 22:33:02 PDT 1997's it goin'? Ah, the good ol' US Interstate system. Will it never fail us. Favorite route traveled? The I-65, I-24, I-75 trio straight down to Sarasota from Chicago. Or maybe its that cozy little stretch of I-70/76 wrapping alongside o f a Pennsylvania mountain, overlooking the greenest and sunniest valley I've ever seen. Or could it be a fun little run starting in Denver on I-70 that jogs 50 miles into Frisco, Colorado. 6% grades rule this land. I can't forget MY homeland though. I llinois' I-88. The pure flatness of the terrain is always a warm welcoming for me when I speed home from the Quad Cities to Chitown. Remember, road trips keep the spirit running at full throttle. Music keeps the spirit awake.

Jimmy Corio Tue Aug 26 21:40:03 PDT 1997

This page has to be one of the most awesome pages I've come across while just looking for something just like this. The PHISH setlist is the greatest. I just saw Phish for the first time, and I definately know why PHISH is the band of this page. The National Interstates are way overrated. If you want to see America and do it at 90 MPH, use the US Highways. My favorite would be Hwy 93 from the badlands of Arizona to the Badlands of Montana, with the totally nowhere section in the middle of Ne vada.

Take care and Peace

Inga Wed Aug 27 10:37:02 PDT 1997

Jimmy was very cute at his first Phish show. If you don't travel, you don't know. Or better stated "From whatever place I write you will expect that part of my "travels" will consist of excursions in my own mind." -Samual Taylor Cooleridge 1772-183 4

Hank Thu Aug 28 17:45:52 PDT 1997

Okay!!!I'm sorry for slamming deadheads.I knew nothing about them.I was a bit inconsiderate by saying "You Deadheads". Little did I realize there were no deadheads before 1970 the same year the Beatles broke up. I respect you're taste in music. I heard you like Shawn Colvin well I do too. I can't get "Sunny Came Home" out of my mind. My biology teacher listens to Shawn Colvin. Well I have a dog named Sunny and my sister started listening to a pop radio station that played it all the time a fe w months ago.I thought it was cool becaue i have a dog named Sunny. I can't beleive what a hit that song is. i don't have a CD.But I hate Ska and Punk which is like what is like the music on the K-rock in New York. I like music that has singing and a melody that sounds nice.Did you know that Dear Prudence was originally a beatles Song. I think that the Dead was slightly influenced by the Beatles. I don't listen to the dead but when I saw them on PBS I thought It was nice 's spiritual an d flowing .I think Truckin' was like The Ballad of John and Yoko except no one is being crucified, it tells a story . The Dead weren't as knit picked as the Beatles. The people originally thought of the Beatles as looking like a bunch of clean cut b oys from England. They became very popular and bombarted by the media. Then in 1966 John made his "Jesus" remark and people hated the Beatles. The albums were being burned in america. Then there were those psychedellics which were mainly used by John and George. In 1967 Sgt Pepper's ...L.H C B.It was known as Psychedellic and in stead of appealing to a conservative audience many of the people who bought this album were opposing the government and traditional values then the 4 other albums were li ke "Hippie music" like in England and stuff. The media was on John' s back for marrying Yoko and "breaking up the beatles". Yoko did not break up the Beatles. They fell apart.John was busy with spreading pollitical measages preminint songs like imagi ne and give peace a chance during the solo carreer Paul became an animal rights activist. George became a mystic. and Ringo became a loser. The dead were not premonant until 70 . They kept a low profile and were around for over 25 years. They were str ictly music. I read the Jerry interview he said he didn't want to spread messages.The dead were a peaceful band with graceful music who made senseless acts of beauty. It's a shame Jerry died. If Jerry Garcia and John Lennon were alive the world would be a happier more hopeful place.There would be less hatred for deadheads and hippies and neohippies vegeterians and protesters and draft dodgers anti war people, Indians(from asia), wiccans.

James Mayfield Sun Aug 31 22:00:03 PDT 1997

International House of ZZYZX, Look out for the first CD release from Mountain Express Band (Columbia, S.C.). If you can get your hands on a bootleg or two you won't be able to stop dancing around with glass, packed full O' nuggets, in hand to what we like to refer to as: RhythmicallyCultivatedOrganicGroovegrass. Never heard of them????.......Get on it......they smoke!!

Barefoot and lovin' it,

James A. Mayfield Manager (like you couldn't guess that)

James Mayfield Sun Aug 31 22:00:27 PDT 1997

International House of ZZYZX, Look out for the first CD release from Mountain Express Band (Columbia, S.C.). If you can get your hands on a bootleg or two you won't be able to stop dancing around with glass, packed full O' nuggets, in hand to what we like to refer to as: RhythmicallyCultivatedOrganicGroovegrass. Never heard of them????.......Get on it......they smoke!!

Barefoot and lovin' it,

James A. Mayfield Manager (like you couldn't guess that)

James Mayfield Sun Aug 31 22:05:29 PDT 1997

International House of ZZYZX, Look out for the first CD release from Mountain Express Band (Columbia, S.C.). If you can get your hands on a bootleg or two you won't be able to stop dancing around with glass, packed full O' nuggets, in hand to what we like to refer to as: RhythmicallyCultivatedOrganicGroovegrass. Never heard of them????.......Get on it......they smoke!!

Barefoot and lovin' it,

James A. Mayfield Manager (like you couldn't guess that)

Bruce Kanin BK9NET@AOL.COM Tue Sep 2 07:33:20 PDT 1997

And here I thought that Interstate Highway trivia was restricted to the confines of my brain. I resemble the incineration of being a road geek. And I beg for more.

Andy Field Tue Sep 2 12:00:02 PDT 1997

I have a complementary site to your Interstate Highways page; mine is the National Highway System high priority and future Interstate corridors. Visit it at

larry medaglia Wed Sep 3 11:47:12 PDT 1997

take'n a look around and like'n what i seee. i'f you would like to help me figure out this computer tape trading stuff or just want to chat, i,m around!

Russ Tatum Wed Sep 10 09:47:36 PDT 1997

Phish is the best even when there are a bunch trendy assholes who dont even like phish or they want to hear boucin around the noon

Kristin B. don't got one Mon Sep 15 08:20:59 PDT 1997

keep on makin time

todd Mon Sep 15 09:13:56 PDT 1997

can somebody give an explanation to why there are an absence of west coast venues for the phall tour

Ron Newman Wed Sep 17 20:26:17 PDT 1997

Hi. I'm the author of the Guide to Interstate Highway Numbering Violations at . My e-mail address is now , not , and I'd appreciate if you could correct this on the web page . Thanks.

J.P. Kirby Sat Sep 20 17:29:31 PDT 1997

Didn't know there were other road geeks out there! Thank you for this site.

Matt Mazzuckelli Mon Sep 22 08:59:51 PDT 1997

If I died today, I would never be able to eat pork rinds and cheez whiz for breakfast again!!!

Rach Tue Sep 23 13:29:00 PDT 1997

I am just starting and need alot of help...but I like pork rinds and cheez whiz too!

Harv Mon Sep 29 19:42:51 PDT 1997

I have moved my homepage to "" Update this page quickly

William F. Yurasko Wed Oct 1 13:20:57 PDT 1997

The TCFWG Beltway now has nine exits, detailing selected highways in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Specifically, it covers I-270 in MD, I-295 in DE/NJ/PA?, I-476, I-495 DC/MD/VA, I-895 in MD, the I-95 problem in NJ, and of course the subversive i-99. T he i99 page will soon have many new articles about King B.S. of the Altoids and a Historic 66 page. So crimestoppers enjoy yourselves and have a good day.

William F. Yurasko

William F. Yurasko Wed Oct 1 13:22:57 PDT 1997

Oh, how silly of me I FORGOT THE LINK.

William F. Yurasko

Emmy Thu Oct 2 10:22:31 PDT 1997

Just a hello to my boys, Geoff, Andrew, Adam, Dan. Life goes by at a crazy pace, you all know about my suffereing, but in my own special I will always love you all. I miss being connected to all of you, you made my life a little more exciting if not crazier. If you ever come by this way, stop in and say hello.

Take care, some silly girl in Boston will always love you.

"Go away from my window, leave at your own chosen speed..."


Emmy Thu Oct 2 10:23:08 PDT 1997

Just a hello to my boys, Geoff, Andrew, Adam, Dan. Life goes by at a crazy pace, you all know about my suffereing, but in my own special I will always love you all. I miss being connected to all of you, you made my life a little more exciting if not crazier. If you ever come by this way, stop in and say hello.

Take care, some silly girl in Boston will always love you.

"Go away from my window, leave at your own chosen speed..."


JEFF HOZE golgiapr@aol.c Thu Oct 9 13:16:30 PDT 1997

why are there brail pads for blind people on drive up ATM machines?

and if the sky was yellow and the sun was blue what color would the grass be?

Mr.Mean Sun Oct 12 10:45:53 PDT 1997

If you want enything(and i mean ANYTHING)so mail me i can get almost anything just ask!

Wayne Vidzicki Tue Oct 14 10:40:13 PDT 1997

When you're there I sleep lengthwise And when you're gone I sleep diagonal in my bed

Cool web site

Richard Alonge Tue Oct 14 10:59:10 PDT 1997

That time then, once again I'm bouncing round the room

Richard Alonge Tue Oct 14 10:59:10 PDT 1997

That time then, once again I'm bouncing round the room

Michelle Dye Wed Oct 15 14:55:58 PDT 1997

I love phish!

skippy Wed Oct 15 20:59:25 PDT 1997

"so..., do you like stuff?" - ralph to lisa while walking her home from school

Dan Buchner Tue Oct 21 08:27:37 PDT 1997

stats. phats. gnats. mats?

William F. Yurasko Tue Oct 21 16:16:20 PDT 1997

There is a new interstate, I-73 in NC. It is official, its part of US 220. It shares this space with I-74. Yep, that's right. It is severely out of place, but eventually it will get on the other side of I-75 in Michigan.

MapQuest still doesn't re cognize i-99. Good for them.

Robey One Kanoby Thu Oct 23 13:35:28 PDT 1997

Use the Phorce!!!!!!!!!

Robey One Kanoby Thu Oct 23 13:39:13 PDT 1997

Phish is not so big in Florida. I say we severe ties with the sunshine state and we rename the newfound state, Phishida. The nickname for the state will then become The sample in a jar state. That's much better! And to all a goodnight.

Jeremiah Montoya Thu Oct 23 15:42:35 PDT 1997

Drop me a line to trade shows, or to mail order glass.

Luke Torretti Sun Nov 2 22:42:06 PST 1997

Hey, you got a pretty cool web site going here. It's nice to find someone that really has an understanding for phish's "story." thank you MR. Minor.

Rachele Wed Nov 5 09:18:22 PST 1997

I am doing research onthe difference between 'billy Breathes' and other Phish works. If anyone has any opions please e-mail me1

Eric W. Vander Yacht Fri Nov 14 15:32:34 PST 1997

Toledo, OH- I-280 also has traffic lights; one by the draw bridge, and one at a grade level intersection. The southern few miles are also undivided.

This was the only interstate (with stoplights) to interstate (toll) connection from Detroit to the east until Ohio used our federal tax dollars to build a nice new toll collection facility at the I-80/90 intersection with I-75. This was the only way Ohio would build this needed interchange.

Eric W. Vander Yacht

Kathy Globeck Sat Nov 15 10:30:30 PST 1997

Hi, Enjoyed your useless interstate page. Just wanted to let you know about a good site,, has a list of hotels/motels for any city. It includes a lot of cheap and junky ones, also a campgound list for us lo-budget travelers. Take car e!

Heidi Krautkramer Mon Nov 17 19:03:14 PST 1997

hey, lets run like an antolope out of control!!!!!!

Edward Curtis Sat Nov 22 07:41:29 PST 1997


"The southern few mile s are undivided"? I think that _used_ to be the case, but as it is now it is all DIVIDED highway, with no grade level intersections, from I-75 to the Turnpike. South of the Turnpike it becomes a State Route.

Edward Curtis Sat Nov 22 07:59:00 PST 1997

My previous post was regarding I-280. Sorry if that was unclear. :)

On another subject, it is mentioned on the I-76 page that "the whole Pennsylvania Turnpike system is now Interstate". Not quite accurate: the *ticketed* portions are all Inters tate. The non-ticketed portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike system are state routes. The toll portion of PA 60, called the Beaver Valley Expressway, runs from the PA 51 intersection about 5 miles south of the main Turnpike north to New Castle. There are two toll booths with a total fare of $1.50 for cars. PA 66, a.k.a. the Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass, starts at the interchange of I-70, the Turnpike Mainline, and US 119, and goes north bypassing Greenburg to the west, and becomes a two lane road after crossing US 22. There are other sections of the PA Turnpike system, which will be state routes, that are scheduled to start construction in the near future. Information on these can be found on the Turnpike home page at

Brian Gallegos Tue Nov 25 12:23:32 PST 1997

If you are on this site to check out stuff about Phish,,, check out the Greyboy Allstars at I guarantee you'll like this bands groove

Harv Sun Nov 30 16:25:51 PST 1997

You wrote the western terminus of I-64 is I-270. In reality, there are I-64 trailblazers up all the way to the Missouri River. On I-270 at the interchange, Exit 12A is I-64 east and Exit 12B is I-64 West. (No evidence of End 64 signs anywhere.)

I-64 is supposed to meet I-70 in Wentzville, but MoDOT must upgrade US 40/61 to interstate standards and that won't be done until next decade. Also, 64 near downtown St. Louis isn't up to standards either with the short ramps (15 mph) and narrower lanes (not quite 12' wide).

view more of this at my St. Louis interstates page

lindsey BBarnes519 Wed Dec 3 10:54:58 PST 1997

I love you

ZZYZX Wed Dec 3 12:54:00 PST 1997

Ummmmmmmmmm thanks I guess...

sarah Thu Dec 4 16:57:38 PST 1997

i kill lindsey. no, just kidding. i am not threatened by love. the more love the better.

ELIOT EBYRON@AOL.COM Sun Dec 7 21:25:06 PST 1997

I've been to zzyzx. it is my brothers favorite word, he regrets that the scrabble set doesnt come with enough letters.

i'll be at the new years shows. and taping.

let me know if you read these.


Courtney Bloxham Wed Dec 10 08:22:14 PST 1997

i happen to be a real phish head

Danny Guzman Wed Dec 10 13:28:55 PST 1997

Well, I somehow got here because I was reading about I-370 that's supposed to go through my house in Montgomery County, Maryland, and I ended up reading all the stuff about roads on this site. I should be glad that my car is not here in Boston becaus e now I'm really really tempted to just hop in a car and drive somewhere strange. I thought I was whacked driving from Boston to MD in one day, but I guess I was wrong. This site is way cool, if not a little weird, but it's just plain awesome. Everyone remember: STOP THE ICC!!!! (I-370 THROUGH MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND) =)dannyGuzman

Harv Thu Dec 18 21:17:06 PST 1997

I have been converting my files to HTM (the preferred format of road geeks everywhere) though they have not been finished yet.

Talk to ya all later!

barb . Sat Dec 27 23:27:41 PST 1997

dude, you'll be the first one i invite when i open my empire off zzyzx road!

Jared Engel Sun Dec 28 07:22:46 PST 1997

I don't have any wacky advice. I'm a Phish fan. If you want to trade e-mail me. If you have new years tickets give them to me. Mike Gordon's middle name is Cactus.

Andrea Tue Jan 6 16:57:56 PST 1998

Phish rocks and I love them.

Pete Pidgeon Sat Jan 10 18:15:37 PST 1998

This is the most convienient site ever!! :) I've wanted to compile my stats for a while and now I did them all in like 5 minutes! Thanks. ZZYZX! :)

big-hig Tue Jan 13 12:05:56 PST 1998

greetings, phriendly phan lookin for cool trades and cooler people!

Craig DeLucia Mon Jan 19 20:43:03 PST 1998

Sorry, ZZYZX, but Tela IS a spy.



vig Tue Jan 20 11:26:56 PST 1998

ZZYZ , I wood hav too zay dat de plwaze dat kan B pelt phrom the pwor of Spandex haz yet too be real ized but in any chase Ive made it through the first return of the saga of the story and itz very interesting,although the unimagineable occult influen ce of Pandex iz yet undeterminable. Nontheless, there may be some copyright infringements on some of the equiptment used by unsaid character I in my ENORMITY hope that they will not make it to paper. PRAISE SPANDEX!

Alwood Tue Jan 20 13:39:06 PST 1998

I enjoyed the roadtrip insight, very inspiring. The next time you're looking for a worthy pilgrimage, consider Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (not too far off of I-40). For no reason other than it's there and it's a pretty cool place (and Ed really is big). I've done it twice - people who've been there come up and talk to me whenever I wear my Big Ed's t-shirt (on both coasts).

Edward Curtis Tue Jan 20 18:35:25 PST 1998


Regarding your comment on I-68: "This road was built more to be a free bypass to the PA Turnpike than to actually go through any cities. Be sure to check out the cool "Eastern Continental Divide" sign."

Well I-68 does not act ually go into the one city you list (Morgantown, WV). However it does go through beautiful downtown Cumberland, MD. Granted it's even smaller than Morgantown, but it is the largest city in Western MD, *and* the last decent meal stop for eastbound tr avelers before I-68 meets its demise in Hancock. It's also home to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, a popular tourist attraction...especially for train freaks like my dad .

I also notice you fail to mention the Sideling Hill Exhibit. Surel y if you've driven this, (and indications are you have since you mention the Eastern Continental Divide sign) you must have seen those ubiquitous signs that give the distance to the exhibit as you head down the mountain eastbound towards Cumberland? Anyhoo, for those not in the know, Sideling Hill is located about 8 miles from I-68's eastern end. It is a mountain that was cut through during the construction of the interstate. The point of the cut has been turned into a geologic exhibit/rest ar ea/visitor center, with a walkway over the interstate. It is the only tourist attraction I know of that is actually located *on* an interstate. It's really something to see.

zzyzx Tue Jan 27 19:25:30 PST 1998

Good point. I have stopped at that rest stop before :) Maybe I should add something

Dan Sun Feb 1 09:48:47 PST 1998

Can I live while I'm young??

James Tingey Tue Feb 3 12:48:15 PST 1998

Wow! I'm amazed at the amount of information you have here. But I was wondering, exactly how many different songs has Phish played? Is it around 200? 300? 400? I've always wanted to know how many different songs they could bust out with at any mo ment. Well keep it up. peace james



jessamyn amabile none Tue Feb 17 08:32:30 PST 1998

Rad site, I'm surfin' the net for the first time ever and I'm glad I stumbled on such a cool page. I'll be back to play someday! Thanks!

Mayor Cool Thu Feb 26 19:34:26 PST 1998

Maybe I was just too lazy to figure it out.. .Maybe I just missed something...Maybe I finally met people that are weirder than me.

J Michael Sun Mar 8 17:42:13 PST 1998

LOVE your Interstate section. I am TOO a Road Geek, and proud of it!

I also have been on the infamous I-99 and agree it is a travesty of the exalted IH system. But what do you expect of someone who thinks of Altoona as a destination....

BTW, I see notes asking "Why I-73 / I-74 extension?" Simple: Everyone with a 3-digit IQ in the Appalachians / Alleghenys is getting the hell OUT....and most are going to what I consider the last best place in America - South Carolina. So it's a matter of giv ing the moving vans a better road. *L*

Charli Wed Mar 11 06:40:00 PST 1998

I really enjoyed all the information you have about the Interstate highways. My husband is a truck driver and when he is away on a trip, I can see where's he's been and where he's going. I find all this highway stuff interesting. Oh my gosh..... gue ss that's the first sign of a road geek? I thought road geeks were guys???

Harv Sat Mar 14 20:40:50 PST 1998

No Charli, I'm a road geek too and guess what -- I'm ain't a guy at all! :)

Aimee Tue Mar 31 15:15:24 PST 1998

Hey now, crazy stuff you got here, glad I dropped in for a visit. Any chance the String Cheese Incident will play somewhere south of there? Need some good tunes here, I'm in the weird wasteland with only my tapes and CDs for comfort. Must have live music, must have live music. Will clicking my heels three times get me there? visit me at:

Zaphod Beeblebrox Thu Apr 9 21:04:35 PDT 1998

Click herefor my really cool website.
I loved th site.

J.P. Kirby Sun Apr 26 12:30:19 PDT 1998

I now have my misc.transport.road FAQ up-- link to the ZYZZX site and all. Just about any question you have about roads will be answered. It's at

John Ducharme Mon Apr 27 09:20:18 PDT 1998

Whats up! Thanks for all the cool stats! I was hoping for someone like you to do this

Rutger van Hien Thu May 7 03:34:52 PDT 1998


Scott Oglesby Thu May 7 17:48:51 PDT 1998

True, 1 2 3 4 5 6 have just as much chance (near zero) of being winning Lotto numbers. Only drawback to picking those is that if you do win, you have to share the pile with a all the other cynical math-alecks. You're better off staying away from th e crowd and picking numbers over 31 (some people think birthdays, anniversaries, etc are "lucky"). Gambling is very cool in that you look around, and somebody's always winning; but chances are you personally will lose!

Reverend Jough Approximately Fri May 8 13:28:42 PDT 1998

Well, the cretinous pigdogs are upon us, creeping up the hill, attacking every inch of everything noble and decent.  The IHOZ is the last refuge of sanity, God help us

-- The Reverend Jough Approximately

Steven Bell Sun May 10 12:52:20 PDT 1998

What a great site !!!!

Steve St.Jean Thu May 14 12:03:21 PDT 1998

What does "ZZYZX" stand for? I am attempting to network with the following Phish fans: Craig Hermann, Steve Woodruff, Darren "ego" Barschdorf and/or his sister, Isaac Rudloe, Gordon Wylie. Do these names mean anything to anyone? Talk to me, you silly little freaks. Always remember, when spending money to replace perfectly good mountain bike parts with lighter ones: "...the average human shit wieghs two pounds." -J. Tillinghast

P.S. IHOZ is pronounced "I Hose!"

Kathleen Wed May 20 17:36:32 PDT 1998

Hey, Heather gave my your URL so I decided to have a look around. So far, so good. Take a look at my page sometime,

Keith Carney-Aiken,SC Sun May 31 12:20:03 PDT 1998

Whats up phriend? You have a great site here. Actually, I really have no idea what I am doing on the Web, so I was rather relieved when I found a place such as this. I know you guys are very into the interstates around the country, so I have a few words of advice---I-20 in South Cackalacka is EXTREMELY hot!!!!

emory pollard Sun May 31 12:27:29 PDT 1998

For years, I've enjoyed reading road maps and particularly watching the progress of the interstate highway system through the 60's and 70's. I used to collect those old ESSO/ENCO/EXXON free maps you could get at service stations. Then I switched t o Rand McNally road atlasses, buying a new one each year to check on new routes and completion progress. Thank you for your listing of each interstate complete with mileages for each state and interesting sidenotes. I was particulary interested in you r sidenote on I-95 through New Jersey. (I live in Virginia about 5 miles from I-95.) You may be interested to note that I-95 doesn't go through Washington, D.C. because of a similar decision to the New Jersey situation. Instead, it follows the Capital beltway (also known as I-495).

Rich Wed Jun 3 18:01:07 PDT 1998

I loved your site. I consider myself a serious amateur driver. I drive 50 miles to work every day almost all of it on I-287. I think I have had an official roadtrip, in 1981 I drove from San Antonio TX to New Jersey in two days, 1900 miles with one rest stop 3 hr. nap, and lots of reallt bad junk food. In Summer 1992 I drove through 40 states in three weeks. Keep up one of the most interesting sites on the web.

Harv Sun Jul 5 14:19:22 PDT 1998

I had a bunch of roadtrips in the past, including one which I did two different incarnations of I-270 within a 24 hour period on my way home from DC to St. Louis! (A trip that I still remember 12 years later! :)

My highways page moved to about 2 months ago but I forgot to mention it on this page until now!

XtroVert Thu Jul 30 08:17:08 PDT 1998

The H3 interstate is now open. I've driven on it and it is indeed very beautiful.

Richard Cuff Tue Aug 11 08:20:14 PDT 1998

Interesting page. Didn't know there were people that cared about highway trivia as much as I did.

Your info on I-83 - where it "intersects with itself" is true - I used to use Falls Road and that route to the Baltimore Beltway daily.

It would b e interesting if someone went to this trouble for US numbered highways. I used to own a road atlas from the '50s that had many more miles signed; for example, US 6 went from LA to Provincetown.

Regards - Richard

Stacey L. Thew Wed Aug 26 14:54:09 PDT 1998

Hey Dave- Master Giaccio recommended I drop by for some Spandex nostalgia. Actually, I've been wallowing in nostalgia lately - I'll bet you'll never guess where I'm going to grad school:) Hope all is going swimmingly with you!

richard v smith Sun Sep 6 18:25:23 PDT 1998

Just keep on, keeping on.


richard v smith Sun Sep 6 18:27:00 PDT 1998

Just keep on, keeping on.


Brian Sprouse Sat Sep 12 13:18:08 PDT 1998

I discovered PHISH through a roomate about 2 yrs ago. Rift was the first thing i got into then bootlegs I am a big phish head now, I think they are truly incredable!!!!!!!! I now own every PHISH studio as well as bootlegs avb. Eagerly awa iting the new release.GHOST I have PHISH BN on my license plates , and go by phishbone as kind of a handle I recieve the doniac reg and have been to many live shows Favorite song is every single note MIke,Trey,Jon,andPage can magically mutter out

Brian Sprouse Sat Sep 12 13:23:28 PDT 1998

I discovered PHISH through a roomate about 2 yrs ago. Rift was the first thing i got into then bootlegs I am a big phish head now, I think they are truly incredable!!!!!!!! I now own every PHISH studio as well as bootlegs avb. Eagerly awa iting the new release.GHOST I have PHISH BN on my license plates , and go by phishbone as kind of a handle I recieve the doniac reg and have been to many live shows Favorite song is every single note MIke,Trey,Jon,andPage can magically mutter out

Steven Boehm Sun Sep 27 02:01:50 PDT 1998

Hey People! I have some serious stories about you for the Zzyzx rd. off of Interstate 15 in California. Most people I have read there posts about zzyzx have just drove by! I have been deep into the surrounding mountain range! In the surrounding ar ea, there is a mining claim there, and it is called The Blue Bell Mines. These are located off to the left if your heading twards vegas. After following an path of dirt roads for about 10 miles, the road wraps back into the mountains, and up to about 3 or 4 years ago, there used to be a cabin there. But some ass burnt it down. =( It was open to anyone who wanted to stay there. Me and my family have been going there since 1981 since I was a baby. Its a great place to go and shoot, and have a good t ime without the interference of the outside world. And on occassion, the Air Force flies there F-16, and B2 (flying wing) through the valleys of the mountain range. If your into exploring mines, both vertical and horizontal, this is definatly the plac e to go! They are very stable and safe. Its a great place to ride motorcycles, or to just view the wildlife of the Mohave Desert. In November of '98, my family has a trip planned to travel to Zzyzx once again. I myself have not been in quite a while . Nearly 2 years I believe. And I am almost certain I am going this time. I plan to take pictures of my trip there! And I may even make a map of the way to the Blue Bell mines, since it is a tricky dirt road. And just about any kinda car can make i t through there. Had a Winabega motorhome make it, so you get the idea! Before the cabin there was burnt down, there was a log book there, and people who knew of the cabin, would write in it about there visit, and major events that happened. There was stores of a Demonic stuff out there which some people have disapeared from the face of the earth out there. And there remains to this day, 4 cars of people who have never returned home. They are rittled with bullet holes now, but hey, they make good tar gets! Anyone who cares to know anymore about Zzyzx rd off of I-15 in California, 8 miles from Baker. E-mail me, or contact me through ICQ at 292533. If I go, I will try to get ahold of a digital camera to take with me out there to capture Zzyzx from the distant mountains when all you can see of the highway is a string of lights at night. It in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and anyone who has the opportunity to see should do so! If I put together a page, I will post i t at a later date with road maps, and maybe even topographica maps of the area. That is what I started to look for when I found this site, DEM (Digital Elevation Maps) of the area! If I get access to a scanner, I'll scan the few images that I do have of the area, and the cabin before it was burnt to the ground... The only thing that remains of the cabin, is a outhouse that is almost full! The bunk house that was a little further then away from the cabin was torched a few years before the cabin... A t rue loss... Happy road hunting!

-Steven Boehm

Frosty Wed Sep 30 09:53:47 PDT 1998

You have a very weak compilation of setlists. You make it appear as though you have all of them on record, when in reality you dont. You dont even have the Halloween Show setlist from 1995 when they played in Chicago at the Rosemont Horizon. I would just like to say that I am very dissapointed with your whole web site. I don't think it should have been published as a good site in the book "Go Phish"

Once again very WEAK PAGE.

But the fact that you study Phish is a joke. They aren' t meant to be studied, the are trying to be a ray of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy day for us.

So stop studying them, spark a phatty, relax and listen to the best music you will ever experience in your life.

Frosty Wed Sep 30 09:54:52 PDT 1998

You have a very weak compilation of setlists. You make it appear as though you have all of them on record, when in reality you dont. You dont even have the Halloween Show setlist from 1995 when they played in Chicago at the Rosemont Horizon. I would just like to say that I am very dissapointed with your whole web site. I don't think it should have been published as a good site in the book "Go Phish"

Once again very WEAK PAGE.

But the fact that you study Phish is a joke. They aren' t meant to be studied, they are trying to be a ray of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy day for us.

So stop studying them, spark a phatty, relax and listen to the best music you will ever experience in your life.

andy shepard Fri Oct 9 20:51:08 PDT 1998

Hi to whoever, ZZYZX or another reader. I was checking out the stats and found a flaw.

"Ride Captain Ride" was played 5/28/89 at Ian McLean's Farm. Hebron, NY Set II, preceeded by "Sanity" and followed by "Peaches En Regalia" Anyway, I just t hought you'd like to know.

Steven Sun Oct 18 10:45:18 PDT 1998

Why do they call it I-26 going through North Carolina and South Carolina? It is mostly a norht-south interstate. Shouldn't it be an odd number interstate? Same thing with I-24.

I-24... o.k. ... if it is going to be an even number interstate it s hould be a number close to 40. There is a portion of it that is NORTH of I-40.

I was driving from Meridian, Mississippi to Montgomery, Alabama and it took forever. I-20 and I-59 (one highway) goes to Birmingham and then splits. Why can't I-20 go fro m Meridian to Montgomery and I-59 go to Birmingham. The part of I-20 from Birmingham to Florence, South Carolina should be I-30. The I-30 from Fort Worth to Little Rock should be continued to go through northern Mississippi. U.S. highway 78 (pretty muc h interstate standards) should be I-30. I-30 would then be connecting Fort Worth, Little Rock, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Florence.


Steven Wed Oct 21 09:58:35 PDT 1998

With a possible connection from Cincinatti to Washington D.C., why not extend I-68 through southern Ohio to Cincinatti. Also, change I-74 between Indianapolis to Cincinatti to I-68. THerefore, there will be no violation with I-68 south of I-70 and n ot I-74 south.

Kevin Fri Oct 23 06:52:17 PDT 1998

Hey David whats up .

Sergio Cilli Sun Nov 8 21:27:02 PST 1998

love the site man

stephanie yednak Mon Nov 16 22:13:48 PST 1998

this webpage is so useful. i have been to a few phish shows, and its really interesting to see what songs i have heard and how many times i have heard them live. good work!

Stephen Mon Nov 23 17:02:17 PST 1998

when is I-73 coming??????

Chrissy cew5@po, Mon Dec 7 00:07:44 PST 1998

Just cruisin through. Big smiles to all those who stop in. Guaranteed!

William F. Yurasko Wed Dec 9 18:49:01 PST 1998

New address, slightly new name

The Beltway @



Nicholas Plummer Thu Dec 10 14:56:22 PST 1998

ZZYZX iz a kewky guy, Dont you think there are more than 922 shows? ~~If Leo doesn't play it... Who will?~~

james brunello Wed Dec 16 23:09:57 PST 1998

dear zzyzxzxyqyzxxyzx i think i found a slight error in one spot. it deals with the number of times that the song Little Drummer Boy has been played and first played/last played (where i actually noticed this). the text says that L. D. B. has o nly been played once on 12/6/86, but i heard it on 8/13/97 at Starlake. however, the entire song was not played, only a part, is that why L. D. B. is only listed as being played in '86? jim p.s.: your page rocks dude, i've been enjoying it since summer '97

Scott Sun Dec 27 10:53:44 PST 1998

So great to know this site is out there! Plan on visiting often.

Boomer Sun Dec 27 13:28:09 PST 1998

Love stats! People for a Louder Mike!

Jeff Scraper Tue Dec 29 22:38:24 PST 1998

David, I just read your Jambands article and I have to agree with you. I'm a fan and a musician and I study my own music as I do the music of other bands such as Phish and the Dead. It adds another element of interest to the music and the whole experi ence itself. Check my band if you're ever in Canada - we're Burt Neilson Band and we tour the country non-stop and can be found at Cheers. Jeff

Jessica Cleveland Fri Jan 15 09:33:06 PST 1999

This is my first time getting to check out this page. if anyone has any info on Phish, it would be much appreciated. I am looking to get some tapes of some shows if anyone could hook me up with where to look. gotta baby on the way and would like to ha ve a good collection of Phish for it to hear. Thanks, lotsa love.

James Moore Wed Jan 27 07:13:03 PST 1999

I have but one piece of advice to render:

"A wise monkey never monkeys with another monkey's monkey".

Rave on, O Steinbergian lunatic!

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dixie none Mon Feb 15 17:42:33 PST 1999

stay high man

stimac(guitar 2) Tue Feb 16 09:43:43 PST 1999

More polar coordinates! More "whoop! whoop!" As an alum of the birth of the raging, flaming phoenix we call the zzyzx, I demand more tales of the days of giants! More of the birth of spandex! Has Dave been mocked lately? What was his wrath? Mo re of the hypnosis and the madness of the plum(b)! NOW!

linda poirier Fri Feb 19 20:09:56 PST 1999

hi just passing through
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