PANDEX's eturn

(art he welfth)

I began thinking of ways of stopping him. The important thing to remember about PANDEX is that he is kind of a black hole. The first letters of words around him tend to disappear. If what is left is not a word, the next letter vanishes too. This process continues until a word is created and the object is then transformed into it or there are no letters back, in which case it is destroyed. The rest stop I was in was beginning to spin around in anticipation of becoming a top.

Fortunately I was prepared. I had studied PANDEX he Oldfish earlier at the advice of a note left by TOTOA. What my research led to was the secret of how PANDEX's forces prevented the destruction of their tanks. What they used was a letter generation

The idea is simple in theory, difficult in execution. Whenever PANDEX was near they turned on the generator to turn their tanks into ttanks. PANDEX's power would turn them into tanks. Fortunately I had developed my own variant of this idea- the ZZYZXgenerator. I turned it on and started driving. Although the ZZZYZXmobile would be safe for a while, the roads would shortly become transformed into ads; those are a lot harder to drive on. I had better act quickly. Using the ZZZYZXscope, I noticed that PANDEX was in the lead ttank. I stepped on the accelerator.

Pulling up next to him, I rolled down my window. "PANDEX," I screamed, "you're a worthless piece of banana bread. I spit on you. P-tou." If he realised the nature of my attack, it was too late to stop it. In a fraction of a second, he found himself trapped in a large pit. He couldn't even use his power because if the pit disappeared he would with it. Left without a leader, his forces soon surrendered. I turned them in to the local authorities and pressed on to the east.

On the ride back east, I soon saw that I was going to pass through Evansville, IN. I have a friend there and I thought I would stop in to see her. When I got to the town, I noticed that there was no one to be found. That's odd. Not even at the University of Southern Indiana was there any population... and school should be in session. Curious, I headed to my friends house.

When I got there, she was hiding in the basement. Upon my request, she told me what was happening. A local priest predicted an earthquake for that day. He said that the only way of appeasing the gods was to sacrifice a follower of a different religion. As I was digesting this news, there was a knock at the door. "This is the police. Come out, ZZYZX. We know you're in there." It looked like the priest found his rival follower.


This story is copyright 1996 by David Steinberg and may be distributed freely as long as this cute little note is attached.

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